Get Your Right Wing Extremist Card!

Even though the DHS report naming most on the right as extremists who should be watched by Big Government was withdrawn (and which some nutters still do not get,) don’t think you are off the hook. So get your card from Liberty Counsel! (hat tip to Cao)

Meanwhile, Democrats are trying to block parts of a call for an inquiry into the DHS report

FOX News has learned that Democrats on the House Homeland Security Committee have crafted a plan to partially block Republicans demands that the Department of Homeland Security explain why it compiled a study that cast “right-wing groups” as a potential terrorist threat.

Of course, some Republicans are whimping out and saying they will go along with Bennie Thompson’s plan which doesn’t ask for source material and documents. Go figure.

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3 Responses to “Get Your Right Wing Extremist Card!”

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  2. Jim Fister says:

    I have an NRA card, and my concealed carry permit. Isn’t this card redundant?

  3. Yeah, that’ll work as a substitute 🙂

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