Obama To Address Muslims In Egypt, Then Blow Off Plebes In Normandy

Will Obama apologize to the Muslim world for America?

President Obama and Secretary Teleprompter will deliver a speech June 4 in Egypt on America’s relationship with the Muslim world, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs announced Friday.

He deflected several questions at his daily briefing about whether Egypt is a wise choice, given President Hosni Mubarak’s resistance to making his government more democratic.

Not exactly breaking news, but, good thing Obama’s not worried about that pesky democracy thing, like some previous administration. He then travels to Buchenwald concentration camp on June 5th, which is rather apropos, considering who he will have addressed the day before and what they want to do. Then he travels to Normandy for the 65th anniversary of D-Day, which is actually a pretty big deal

“Every five years a bigger D-Day Festival is organized, so the 65th will be special,” says Fabienne de Chassey-Schurgers of Normandy Tourism.

“But it will also probably be the last one we will see any veterans at. Most vets are already at least 85 years old and likely won’t be around or won’t be able to travel to the 70th anniversary festival in 2014.”

It’s a big holiday for the French, and people come from all over to be a part of the several days long festival, though fewer and fewer vets are there. It is a monster celebration of the liberation of France. But, via Big Hollywood

The 65th Anniversary of D-Day is fast approaching.  Barack Obama will attend the events on June 6th as George Bush did in 2004 for the sixtieth memorial service.  Here is the rub, as of now Obama’s State Department has asked (read demanded) the French government not allow tour guide services to operate that day. It is a big day for Normandy tourism. Yet, the king will not allow those not connected with government to enjoy the day.  Obama is very important you know.  This is an unprecedented request.  I hope the French come to their senses and deny it.

Will that mean only a select few veterans (read: Obama voters who will dote on The One) will be allowed to attend the services and visit the Colleville-Sur-Mer cemetary, where some 10,000 American soldiers are buried right off Omaha Beach?

It’s as if Obama has to let it be known that he is more important than honoring the events and the 9,387 mostly young Americans who died invading Normandy 65 years ago.  Will Obama apologize for American actions during WW II at the event?

No, but he will probably try and minimize what the USA did. Then apologize for what big bullies we are for trying to protect the world, never seeing the disconnect of his opinions and the place he is at.

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