How’d The Obama Contentless Prime Timers Go For The Networks?

Not so well, actually

By and large, they personally forked out for his campaign, they voted for him, and they know he is capable of boosting TV ratings just by making an appearance.

But executives at the Big Four broadcast networks are seething behind the scenes that President Obama has cost them about $30 million in cumulative ad revenue this year with his three primetime news conference pre-emptions.

Now top network execs quietly are hoping that Fox’s well-publicized rejection of the president’s April 29 presser will serve as precedent for denying future White House requests for prime airtime.

“We will continue to make our decisions on White House requests on a case-by-case basis, but the Fox decision gives us cover to reject a request if we feel that there is no urgent breaking news that is going to be discussed,” said one network exec, who, like all, would not speak for attribution fearing repercussions from the administration.

Knowing that cBS, NBC, and ABC might follow the lead of Fox, even if it is just their regular broadcast channel, and not the Fox News channel, should send the far left into apoplexy. Well, higher levels of apoplexy.

Obama’s prime time pats on the back are costing the networks money that could keep people working, and the execs are wondering why he can’t do them during times that do not impact their major money making time slots. Apparently, they missed that Obama is The One, The Messiah, the Narcissist in Chief. And they can blame themselves for being big reasons for putting him in office.

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One Response to “How’d The Obama Contentless Prime Timers Go For The Networks?”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Gee Teach it is ALMOST like they care only about profits and have no political agenda at all.

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