White House Aid Meets Obama’s Bus

Vroom, vroom! The wheels on the bus go thump thump thump as another is run over

A White House aide joined the unemployment lines today for his role in Air Force One’s controversial  photo-op flyover above New York, the Obama administration just announced. (Of course, it’s scheduled for a Friday afternoon.)

In a statement, the White House said President Obama accepted the resignation of military office director Louis Caldera. Caldera, a former Army secretary, took responsibility for the Air Force flyover that sparked 9/11-echo panic in lower Manhattan on April 27.

The New York Times version is even more fun!

Louis Caldera, who served as the secretary of the Army in the Clinton administration, apologized for the “distraction” that approving the flyover caused. He said in a brief letter to President Obama on Friday that it “has made it impossible for me to effectively lead the White House Military Office.”

There’s that distraction word again. In other words, all you folks who were freaked out by “The Flyby,” and all you folks who commented on it and were outraged need to just move on, nothing to see here. And this is what they got

For $325k I would have thought they could have gotten a better shot then that. I could make better with Microsoft Digital Imaging 10 (I don’t use Photoshop.)

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2 Responses to “White House Aid Meets Obama’s Bus”

  1. Macker says:

    For about $355K LESS, they could have gotten this.

  2. […] are piling up almost faster than they can apologize for them. The point is, they are telling us to move on and leave this unfortunate incident behind us. He has a lot of distribution of wealth to do and […]

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