Fox Replaces Obama Show With Lie To Me

Poetic justice to the extreme

For the first time since Barack Obama took office, a major broadcast network is refusing to grant the president’s request for primetime coverage.

Fox (Broadcasting) has issued a statement saying it will air regular programming (Lie to Me) Wednesday night instead of Obama’s 100-day news conference.

Insert your own LOL.

Fox News will carry it, if you want to wait and see if Secretary Teleprompter screw with Barry. (h/t Hot Air)

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3 Responses to “Fox Replaces Obama Show With Lie To Me”

  1. cmblake6 says:

    EXTREMELY appropriate substitution, don’t you think? At least it’s honestly labeled.

  2. manbearpig says:

    Speaking of the teleprompter, the guy who runs it is most likely one of the unemployed after this gaffe yesterday:

    There is someone getting a crash course in how to run the telepromter today… BET ON IT!

  3. You know there are some folks at Fox Broadcasting who are LTAO at the timing, cmblake6. Perfect timing!

    Secretary Teleprompter is letting President Neophyte down as of late.

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