US Airstrike Kills 13, Creates 130 More

Taliban: hey, we’re responsible for the attack in New York at the…..what’s that buzzing sound?

A suspected US missile strike in north-west Pakistan, the second drone attack in four days, has killed 13 people.

Of course, the BBC tries to push the Taliban version starting in the second paragraph, all women and children, etc. You know the story. But, where is the Left decrying these bombings? They used to yammer on about BCTs (Bush Created Terrorists,) but, nothing about the OCDs (Obama Created Demonstrators) during the war on terrorism prosecution of Operation Overseas Contingency. So, how about it lefties: are we creating 10 terrorists for every one we wack?


The anti-war movement that helped elect Candidate Obama is in the early throes of a debate over whether to ramp up again – this time, over President Obama’s plans to step up US engagement in Afghanistan.

For many activists – on and off Capitol Hill – it’s a tough call. It’s early in a new administration, they say. Even opponents of the troop buildup in Afghanistan say that they like and still trust this president. They want to give him time.

Time. Like that 5 minutes they gave Bush 43. Think they would have given John McCain time?

Yeah, me neither.

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