Surrender Monkey Friday: Excitable Andy Purchases His Clown Suit

surrender monkey andrew sullivan

Surrendie has brought out his clown suit, plus, I think he is a bit drunk, to bring you the wonderful insanity of Andrew Sullivan, the Commander In Wacko of the adultless The Atlantic. Excitable Wackadoodle Andy, the self proclaimed Last Real Conservative, is spinning like a drug infused top in order to protect his man-crush, Barack Obama, from those EVIL Republicans, who are making a big deal out of moving the Census into direct control of the White House

The Census Canard

Again, this is not a real issue. It’s an issue driven by the paranoid GOP base. The census has not been removed from the Commerce Department’s purview, as Ambers explains below. And past censuses have long been conducted with coordination from the White House staff: (snip)

This issue was championed by Republicans for the usual “the-darkies-are-taking-over!” reasons. And Gregg’s broad support for the kind of stimulus bill Obama has just got through the conference is a matter of public record. So the real reason for Gregg’s departure is that he simply couldn’t handle the backlash from his own party for providing bipartisan cover for Obamanomics. I guess they believe that assaulting the new president as he tries to reach out is their ticket for future relevance. Hello to all this …

Oh, good, the nutter has even managed to bring racism, that constant liberal claim when they know they are wrong, into his deranged epistle. But, consider, this same person who is dismissing control of the census, which can easily give Democrats better control of Congress through redistricting (something psycho-Boy has missed), spent many, many, many, many posts making a huge deal out of his conspiracy theory that Trig Palin was actually Bristol Palin’s, not Sarah Palin’s, son. Among his other Palin Derangements.

And let’s not forget yesterday’s wackadoodleness on The GOP Declaring War On Obama and, as Dan Riehl wrote, Sullivan Loses It Over Gregg

I demand Sullivan’s medical records, particularly his mental health checkups, to see if his meds are rotting his brain. And, hey, is anyone who works at The Atlantic even slightly embarrassed?

PS: Ed Morrissey writes, regarding Excitable Andy’s GOP war on Obambi as Ed smacks down Joe Gandelman

When Republican Congressmen and Senators start calling for Obama to be impeached, like we have heard from their Democratic counterparts for almost the entire span of the Bush administration, then you can cry about a “war” on Obama.  Dissent on policy is not war, gentlemen.  It’s America.

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One Response to “Surrender Monkey Friday: Excitable Andy Purchases His Clown Suit”

  1. HMS Nerd says:

    p-( The thing you need to see here is that while considered dissent on policy and gamesmanship around re-districinting are COMPLETELY in line with some of the most vibrant and healthy American political traditions, the rhetoric utilized by conservatives in regards to the census issue tie-in here do pander to a racist slice of the party’s base. A groundless thematic assertion of corruption underlies even the way Fox says the word ‘Chicago’ now. See:

    It’s the 2009 equivalent to “NEW YORK CITY?…get a rope.” It needn’t be blatant to exist and affect people.

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