Is This What They Meant By Bush’s 3rd Term?

Bush 1 – HopeNchange 0

The Obama Administration today announced that it would keep the same position as the Bush Administration in the lawsuit Mohamed et al v Jeppesen Dataplan, Inc.

Um, oops? And what does Excitable Andy have to say?

The Obama administration will continue the cover-up of the alleged torture of the British resident. The argument is that revealing the extent of the man’s torture and abuse would reveal state secrets. No shit. This is a depressing sign that the Obama administration will protect the Bush-Cheney torture regime from the light of day. And with each decision to cover for their predecessors, the Obamaites become retroactively complicit in them.

How’s that vote ‘n ass kissing feel now, Mr. Last True Conservative? Try some vaseline.

Others having hopeNchange anxiety: Crooks and Liars, Glenn Greenwald (if you have 3 hours to read it,)  ACLU,  The Raw Story, and

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4 Responses to “Is This What They Meant By Bush’s 3rd Term?”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Mohamed ?? Oh yeah he was the guy that was tortured by having his penis repeatedly cut with a scalpel. Britain has demanded his return and the USA has agreed. But he has been on hunger strike for some time and is in critical condition. Probably will not photograph well.
    Obama may be trying to keep this type of torture quiet, it certainly will be a recruiting coup for a; Qaeda

  2. How do we entertain the notion that the government can just say “state secrets” and get the case dismissed outright? Assuming it does not lead to abuse, shouldn’t the proper response of a court if the government asserts the state secrets privilege to enter a default judgment against the government and grant the remedy the plaintiffs seek?

  3. Duncan says:

    Um. Is there any evidence that this man had his penis “sliced to bits”? And who did the slicing? Pretty wild claim…

  4. Duncan says:

    Found the reference, from the guys diary. I had a diary once. In it I wrote that I made mad, passionate love to Jennifer Aniston for three nights straight. Then one night Jen made me use a Viagra because I was worn out and she was insatiable. Ended up with a priapism and had to go to the doctor, but only after Jen had me make love to her for 3 hours and 45 minutes. She told me it had to be an erection lasting 4 hours or more before I could contact a doctor, just like commercial says. Man, that is one crazy chick.

    Seriously though…

    It is in my diary.

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