News From Barry’s World – Barry Loses Control Plus Others

First, Barry has lost control, and, guess who gets the blame? Michael Hirsh at Newsweek has the hysterical article

Barack Obama began making his comeback Wednesday, apparently aware that he has all but lost control of the agenda in Washington at a time when he simply can’t afford to do so. Obama’s biggest problem isn’t Taxgate—which resulted in the Terrible Tuesday departure of his trusted friend, Tom Daschle, and the defanging of his Treasury secretary, Tim Geithner. Nor is the No. 1 problem that the president can’t seem to win a single Republican vote for his stimulus package. That’s a symptom, not a cause. The reason Obama is getting so few votes is that he is no longer setting the terms of the debate over how to save the economy. Instead the Republican Party—the one we thought lost the election—is doing that.And the confusion and delay this is causing could realize Obama’s worst fears, turning “crisis into a catastrophe,” as the president said Wednesday.

So, it has little to do with the fact that Obama has virtually no executive experience on his very thin resume, nor that he has shown very little actual leadership during his time in politics or in the private sector. It can’t be about Mr. Makes A Great Speech With A Teleprompter. No, it has to be those evil Republicans, who are doing exactly what the Democrats did for 6 years before they took back Congress, oh, and, as it happens, following what the majority of Americans think of the so-called stimulus bill. Anyone notice that Democrats and their peeps in the media cannot actually argue in defense of the porkapalooza bill?

Obama’s desire to begin a “post-partisan” era may have backfired. In his eagerness to accommodate Republicans and listen to their ideas over the past week, he has allowed the GOP to turn the haggling over the stimulus package into a decidedly stale, Republican-style debate over pork, waste and overspending. This makes very little economic sense when you are in a major recession that only gets worse day by day. Yes, there are still some very legitimate issues with a bill that’s supposed to be “temporary” and “targeted”—among them, large increases in permanent entitlement spending, and a paucity of tax cuts that will prompt immediate spending….

Um, woops? How’d that bit of reality sneak in to the missive of Republican blame? Also, in case Michael missed it, there is that whole Constitution thing, which makes Congress a equal branch of government to the President, and gives protections to the Minority Party. Democrats didn’t win on ideas, but on pretty speeches, blaming Republicans, and a Cult of Personality, along with some other precedents, including historical. Hey, that’s fine, politics is a dirty business, which elected Republicans really need to learn. But, don’t blame us because Obama is mostly clueless.

Anhow, in other Barry news:

OK, that is a good place to stop, though there is obviously lots and lots of Barry news out there.

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5 Responses to “News From Barry’s World – Barry Loses Control Plus Others”

  1. StB says:

    C’mon, Barry has shown leadership! He did so in extending the deadline on the conversion to digital television. He worked hard on that much needed, more important than the economy piece of legislation. Gots to make sure people have their TV so they can adore him on the nightly news.

  2. manbearpig says:

    Didn’t Barry say he was going to be ready to lead from day one? This is what happens when you elect someone who’s only experience as a leader has been with corrupt community organizers.

  3. theindigotiger says:

    If we weren’t living in such serious times this would be the funniest presidency since Ford. And where’s the change? All I hear from the guy is fear mongering and my way or the highway rhetoric. That’s not change.. it’s more of the same. Only difference is this guy is a complete amateur and it shows big time. ROTFLMAO at the “change” voters

  4. It is going to be a fun 4 years if this stuff keeps happening, eh?

  5. manbearpig says:

    Last night’s speech was a joke. It was all blame the right. Why is he clamoring for the GOP to buy into this $1 trillion boondoggle? He doesn’t need them. His message since being sworn in is, “we’ll work with our opponents, as long as they roll over and agree with us”. He made that point last night when he said “don’t bring the same old arguments to the table”. Translation: Don’t disagree with us and offer alternatives, just nod and agree, because we won.

    Personally, I think Obama is frustrated that everyone isn’t rolling over for him. Then again, what has he had to fight for since he began his political career? He hasn’t sponsored one piece of significant legislation that required any kind compromise, or any kind of fighting. We are all just supposed to bow down the empty suit in the White House because he can give a good speech.

    Sorry for the rant.

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