Senior Iranian Won’t Talk With Joe “7-11” Biden

Wait, wasn’t Biden picked as V.P. for his foreign policy experience, his ability to get ‘er done in that arena? Even after all the (possible Logan Act violation) talks with Iran, and overtures, they still say “I blow my nose in your general direction. Now go away, or I will taunt you a second time

A high-profile Iranian politician will attend a security conference in Germany this week, but he says he has no plans to meet there with members of a U.S. delegation that will be led by Vice President Joe Biden.

Ali Larijani, a former nuclear negotiator now serving as parliamentary speaker, said Tehran had yet to see the “new approach” offered by Washington. President Obama pledged while campaigning to talk with Iran without preconditions. Since taking office, he has expressed willingness to engage with Iranian leaders who “unclench their fist.”

Iran’s Press TV quoted Larijani as ruling out talking to the Americans in Germany. The February 6-8 conference in Munich will focus on disarmament, energy supplies and regional security, and Larijani said his contribution would be limited to those subjects.

Well, this is perfectly in line with Iran laughing at the Obambi administration. And, to be perfectly honest, this is what Iran has been doing for all these years when it was the EU and UN wanting to lead the talks with Iran. They are playing games with the world. Up to the day they say “hey, guess what? We have nuclear weapons that we manufactured and built. Whatcha gonna do now, Western World?”

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