The Latest Obama-Unicorn Painting

Um, ah, well, Holy Shat!

obama unicorn

Seriously, major cult status.

h/t Right Wing News

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7 Responses to “The Latest Obama-Unicorn Painting”

  1. Bigfoot says:

    That is just weird.

    Is the unicorn pouring beer onto BHO’s back?

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  3. Duncan says:

    No BF, he’s pouring sun tan oil…. getting him all lubed… I think I am going to vomit…

  4. Trish says:

    I gotta ask, because I see it on so many blogs, and read so many, but somehow missed the background of it. Why is Obama linked with Unicorns? And while I am at it may as well ask the connection to skittles too?

  5. Not sure how they came up with unicorns, but, it is disturbing, isn’t it?

    Even more disturbing is that many liberal men probably have the naked obama with a unicorn as their screensavers and cell phone wall papers.

  6. Trish says:

    Disturbing only partly covers that!

    After asking you this, I watched Legend, with all the creepy little people living in the magical forest (including Tom Cruise and Mia Sara) and the pretty unicorns, and it reminded me of how liberals have been behaving towards the One. I get it now!

  7. Oh, noes, I had forgotten that movie. I’m going to be having nightmares, now 🙂

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