Even Chavez Thinks Obama Is The Devil

No change from Chavez

CAMPO CARABOBO, Venezuela (Reuters) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Saturday Barack Obama had the “stench” of his predecessor as U.S. president and was at risk of being killed if he tries to change the American “empire.”


Most world leaders expect a new era of U.S. foreign relations when Obama, a Democrat, is sworn in as president on Tuesday after Republican George W. Bush’s eight years in the White House.


But Chavez said frayed ties with Washington were unlikely to improve despite the departure of Bush, who the Venezuelan leader has often called the “devil.”


“I hope I am wrong, but I believe Obama brings the same stench, to not say another word,” Chavez said at a political rally on a historic Venezuelan battlefield.


“If Obama as president of the United States does not obey the orders of the empire, they will kill him, like they killed Kennedy, like they killed Martin Luther King, or Lincoln, who freed the blacks and paid with his life.”

Just when you thought the world was going hopey changey, Chavez is there to say something insane that you probably could never find on any progressive site.

But, it does beg the question, is he saying this in order to get Obama to ease off the harsh official federal goverment position regarding Chavez and his virtual dictatorship? Past news has Chavez hoping an Obama win could spur talks, Chavez accusing Barry of interfering with Venezuala’s term limits vote, Chavez kinda endorsing Obama, and Chavez saying that Obama is confusing him with Bush, after Obama made some unkind remarks. Unlike so many progressives, Obama doesn’t seem thrilled with Chavez.

And, no, I do not think Barry is the devil, or the anti-Christ.

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