Fail: Pirates Drown After Getting $3 Million Ransom

Instant karma, baby!

Pirates holding a Saudi-owned oil supertanker off the coast of Somalia have set the vessel free after receiving a ransom payment, a piracy monitor in neighboring Kenya and the U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet said Saturday.

“The supertanker VLCC (very large crude carrier. It is a massive supertanker) Sirius Star is currently under way to safe waters,” Andrew Mwangura of the Kenya Seafarers Association said in an e-mail. (snip)

The pirates had been expected to release the supertanker after receiving the ransom payment Friday, but four pirates drowned after their skiff capsized in rough seas while they were leaving the Sirius Star, according to a journalist who spoke to one of the pirates on board.

There were five pirates in the skiff and one survived, the journalist said. The bodies of the other four were recovered, he said.

The pirates told another journalist they received $3 million in ransom money but lost part of it when the skiff capsized.


There are actually several contradictory reports on how many drowned. The AFP, which is contact with the pirates leader, says 6 drowned. The AP and many other sources say 5. And none of them have a good picture of the pirates boat to caption with “fail!” What’s up with that? They can stage tons of photos to make the US and Israeli militaries look bad, but can’t get one shot of the pirate’s boat? The media gets a fail tag, too.

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5 Responses to “Fail: Pirates Drown After Getting $3 Million Ransom”

  1. Duncan says:

    On a related crazy terrorist/pirate note, this one is pretty teh funny…

    Still searching for one of the actual pirates feeding the sharks… p-( =)) :))

  2. […] parachuted in the ransom, and some of the pirates who went to get it drowned.  As William Teach says, “Instant karma, […]

  3. Sailingwindward says:

    How much $$$ of a ransom would Countries pay for someone to find and kill the pirates?

  4. Bill Ruy says:

    Yo ho ho. Pirates don’t take YMCA swim lessons. Let that be a less to ye all.

  5. Pirates accept the risks involved in what they do. I spent a year researching pirates for a book about a pirate named Theophilus Turner. if I learned one single thing, I learned that pirates are aware of the risks they take. Many of them expect to meet their end in the waters in which they plunder. It has been that way for time immemorial. The one who washed up on the beach with ransom money still in his pocket had a few moments to be happy about being rich before he died.

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