Today’s Humor: A Barry Email That Doesn’t Ask For Money

I think I actually just deleted the email in question from my Crackberry. LA Times: Breaking: Obama sends national e-mail with NO plea for money!

This is no Friday joke.

Word has just been received at The Ticket that President-elect Barack Obama sent out an actual e-mail today without asking for more money from tired donors. No, really.

The N.Y. Times’ Katharine Seelye recently reported growing donor fatigue among eager and happy Obamaites to whom it has occurred that they’ve already given nearly $1 billion to buy all this change to believe in, even many long weeks after the ex-freshman senator won the White House already.

And when’s it gonna end? “I’m way over this thing,” Obama volunteer Abe Silk complained this week on Huffington Post. “You guys really want me to donate $25 to ‘make the inauguration a success’? What on earth does that even mean?”

And then comes an additional $27 million already in the can toward a $40-million-plus anticipated for one inaugural party before even ex-president Bill Clinton asked for just a little bit more earlier this week.

The email was about the newly named DNC chair Tim Kaine. But have no fear, Obamanuts, you can still go to and donate. You’ll get a t-shirt if you do! Don’t you feel special? Especially after leaving so many Bush appointees in place, picking Rick Warren for the Invocation, all the Clintonistas for administration positions, backing off on his Iraq pledge, etc.

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