President Bush, AKA MR. Environment

How can that possibly be? LA Times: Bush to create three marine monuments 

President Bush will create three national monuments in the Pacific Ocean today, protecting waters near U.S.-controlled islands that contain some of the world’s richest diversity of corals, fish and other sea life as well as unusual geological formations in the deepest undersea trench.

With the stroke of a pen this afternoon, Bush will have set aside more square miles of ocean for protection than any other political leader in history. (snip)

“The president has given the Earth a Texas-sized gift,” said Diane Regas, who runs the ocean program at the Environmental Defense Fund. “The area is nearly 200,000 square miles, which is nearly the size of Texas.”

Good for him. The fact is, Bush is considerably more interested in the environment than people give him credit for. Yeah, he has made some decisions based on the needs of the United States, but, he has signed plenty of environmental legislation during his time. And, for you AGW Believers, he is a small one himself.

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