Barbara Bush Hospitalized

Everyone say a little prayer for the former first lady

Former first lady Barbara Bush was in a Houston hospital Tuesday after complaining of a “little bit of pain.”

Family spokesman Jim McGrath said Mrs. Bush went to Methodist Hospital as a precaution. She had been experiencing some pain this week but McGrath did not know what it was.

McGrath said all the results for tests she had undergone had been negative. He told The Houston Chronicle that Mrs. Bush, 83, would be held overnight for observation and was expected to be released Wednesday.

Barbara Bush The former first lady, Barbara Bush, gives the international sign for “hang loose, dude,” which can also mean “surf’s up, bro.”

Hopefully everything will be OK, she has always been one classy lady.

You know what is coming next, right? Yes, unhinged comments. While I have to give props to most of the commenters at the Huffington Post for being decent (it is still early, though), DUmmie Land is in full swing

  • That old boozehound’s liver was 190 proof
  • will she get a cot in the Astrodome? I am trying to be nice
  • Tested for humanity?
  • Hospital spokesman Dr. Julius Hibbert said “A routine soul smear tested positive for pure evil.”   

    Further tests are underway to confirm presence of a previously undetected soul.

  • I thought the only things that could get to old Babs were things like garlic, a crucifix, holy water, a wooden stake.
  • Negative for what? No heart?
  • The doctors are sorry to say, Mrs. Bush did not pass the IQ test. But, they did determine she has been brain dead for years.
  • I was always told “If you have nothing good to say, then say nothing.” Nothing
  • Don’t bring her to the White House Just in case we don’t need the ghost of Barbara hanging around.
  • Stay well and don’t croak yet Babs We want you to see your son going to the Hague and that his legacy drags your whole family into a cesspool of sh*t forever. Certainly no offspring of your’s will EVER occupy the White House again. So stay well and watch the upcoming investigations of your traitorous son.

Now, to be fair, there were a small number of comments wishing her well, but, the majority were of the “this is how Progressives be compassionate” type as highlighted above.

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