National Review/CBS News To Barry: Don’t Mess Iraq Up, Chump!

There are probably days when the controllers of the Opinion pages at CBS News wish they had a bit more control: The President-Elect’s Opportunity In Iraq

Declining levels of violence are going to tempt both American and Iraqi politicians to opt for a too-rapid deadline. They should be looking around the corner to elections next year that could occasion more violence. First, there are the provincial elections in January, which will be very contentious in Ninewa province, where the Kurds and Sunnis are jockeying for control, and in Basra, where various Shia factions are at daggers drawn. Then, there are national elections, probably in the fall of 2009. It is extremely important that these elections succeed and our troops remain Iraq’s most capable and neutral arbiter.

We hope Barack Obama pays heed. He has been handed an extraordinary opportunity. Few would have thought when President Bush ordered the surge two years ago that there would have been such extensive security gains and that a sovereign Iraqi government – albeit flawed and fragile – would be in a position to begin taking control of its own destiny. Obama will have the chance to preside over a successful endgame in Iraq. This is the gift the surge has given him, if he doesn’t throw it away.

In other words, don’t snatch defeat from the jaws stomach of victory, Barry!

On a seperate note, it will be amusing when the Left starts claiming that Barry won Iraq starting January 20th, eh?

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