Barry’s Wireless Records Breached

Me, I’m waiting for the Outrage Of The Left to kick in

Records from a cell phone used by President-elect Obama were improperly breached, apparently by employees of the cell phone company, his transition team said Thursday.

Breached may be a little bit over-the-top. It’s really not all that hard to look up a customers information. Certainly, they were accessed improperly.

Spokesman Robert Gibbs said the team was notified Wednesday by Verizon Wireless that it appears an employee improperly went through billing records for the phone, which Gibbs said Obama no longer uses.

Hmm, Verizon is sure to be the next wireless company on the Left-side hit list. Of course, they are already not particularly welcome, along with AT&T, because of the whole “domestic wiretapping” thang. Anyhow, the Left acts like seagulls, fly around, make a lot of noise, crap all over everything, but, then they quietly ignore their petitions and such and go get a new phone. Kinda like the way they deal with anthropogenic global warming, eh?

Anyhow, if that Verizon employee is treated like the employees at my company, he or she will be joining the unemployed. All he/she was doing was looking at records, can’t access email or voicemail, but, there are massive federal rules about this, not to mention company rules.

Will the left-o-scolds react? They sure didn’t care much about Palin’s email being hacked or Joe The Plumber having his records looked at improperly and probably illegally by people who work for the state of Ohio, among others.

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