Know What Would Be Great? Banning Water Bottles

See, if this had been pushed as stopping climate change, it would have passed easily: Proposed ban on plastic water bottles in Ontario voted down in legislature

A suggested ban on the sale of plastic water bottles in Ontario was struck down in the legislature Thursday amid mixed messages from the Liberal government that left the door open to a possible ban in the future.

Education Minister Kathleen Wynne was among the Liberals who voted against the private member’s bill, saying the plan wouldn’t allow enough time to ensure clean water is available to everyone who needs it.

See, there is a little problem of lots of lead in the water. Bummer.

The bill, introduced last month by Liberal backbencher Kuldip Kular and debated Thursday in the legislature, was meant to reduce waste and energy consumption associated with making and recycling plastic bottles, as well as encourage the use of tap water. It received 17 votes against and 10 in favour.

Had it passed, people breaking the law would have faced a fine between $500 and $1,500, while corporations would have had to pay $10,000 for a first-time offence and up to $25,000 for each subsequent offence.

Right now, the thought is probably going through peoples minds that this is isolated, and could never happen in the United States. Think again. And again. And again. And, well, you know how to do an Internet search. In fact, bottled water is better for the simple fact that there are tons of female hormones in the water supplies from birth control pills. Maybe that is why male erectile pills are so popular nowadays đŸ˜‰

Progressive Conservative finance critic Tim Hudak had said earlier Thursday he was against the bill, arguing the government needs to stop banning things and instead focus on the province’s financial woes.

“The real issues we have in the province today are massive job losses, Ontario becoming a have-not province and getting equalization payments for the first time in history,” Hudak said.

“And what do Liberals care about? Bottled water bans. They’re out of touch.”

Welcome to the next 4 years. And, as the story points out, Toronto is considering banning paper coffee cups, and will order retailers to give discounts if people bring their own cups. To be honest, that is not a bad idea, as the cups create massive amounts of garbage. But, it is typical that the government would legislate, rather then suggest. And here in the US, we have already pretty much lost paper for taking home our groceries, and cities around the country are banning plastic.

Supporters of the ban argue a lot of carbon-emitting fossil fuel is used to produce and transport the plastic bottles, which then end up in landfills.

There it is, global warming! The funny thing, they are actually correct. Notice, though, that they mention gas for transportation, but not the methane from landfills. I guess methane just isn’t a sexy gas like CO2.

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4 Responses to “Know What Would Be Great? Banning Water Bottles”

  1. John Ryan says:

    New York City has excellent water quality and is considering placing an additional 10 cent tax on bottled water. The money from which will go towards more public drinking fountains which now are rather scarce. Of course providing water for public use MIGHT be too socialistic for some to swallow.

    • Actually, John, that sounds like a great idea. Personally, I am not a big fan of water bottles. They make lots of trash, which ends up in landfills. I am not a big fan of them.

  2. Ryan Krebbs says:

    Liberals have spent years working to tax or ban products they deem bad for your health (cigarettes, fast food, etc.) Now they’re going after products they deem bad for the environment. Where does it stop? Nowhere. Because EVERY product in the marketplace leaves an environmental footprint. Once this door is cracked open, all bets are off and every consumer good is fair game for taxes or anything else.

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