AGW Today: One Group Of Lemmings Dying Out

Terrible, terrible news

Once famous for their numbers, Norwegian lemmings are disappearing, say scientists, who point an accusing finger at global warming.

The hamster-like rodents burst forth in massive numbers from their sub-Arctic homes every three to five years in a frantic search for food.

The mad dash sometimes causes them to race over clifftops and plummet into the sea, thus giving rise to the theory – now discounted – of mass suicide.

Since 1994, these periodic population explosions have stopped, prompting researchers to ask why.

And, you know what the answer is, right? Global warming. Man-made global warming. It’s those big SUVs, like the Escalade that pre-elect Barry (it’s OK, take a deep breath. Hold. Release. Do it again :)) drives that cause it.

The Lemmings survived all the other warm periods, which have been occurring since end of the last ice age. They’ll survive this one. But, good news! There are 62 million lemmings here in the US to take the Norwegian ones place!

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3 Responses to “AGW Today: One Group Of Lemmings Dying Out”

  1. John Ryan says:

    well Teach looks like we will be seeing a lot more on global warming here now that Obama has forced the Republicans to scuttle their own ship. Care to make a prediction for this year on whether 2008 will be in the top 10% of warmest years ? I say that it will be.

  2. I’ll betcha it will be slightly below the 10 year trend.

  3. John Ryan says:

    So you think that it will still be showing a strong global warming trend Yes i would agree with you on that. I see no signs of the “global cooling” and new ice age, just another in the top 10% of warm years.

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