Religion Of Peace Strikes Syria

Just another day in the Middle East

A car carrying more than 400 pounds of explosives blew up in Syria’s capital on Saturday, killing 17 people in at least the third deadly attack this year in the tightly policed Arab country.

Interior Minister Bassim Abdel Majid said “terrorists” were responsible for Saturday’s attack but told state television that officials did not know who carried it out.

“We cannot blame any party,” he said.

Maybe, not, but I can guess which religion was involved.

The bomb exploded Saturday morning in a neighborhood around the capital’s Sayida Zaineb shrine, ripping the fronts off buildings and shattering car windows. The shrine attracts Shiite pilgrims in the majority Sunni Muslim nation.

Gee, it’s not like it is the tail end of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting, or anything.

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