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Happy Sunday! Another fantastic day in America. This pinup is by Vaughn Bass, with a wee bit of help. Last Sunday was naughty librarian, this week, naughty lady up North. Hint. You think we will ever get a photo of Sarah Palin in a bikini, maybe with a fur coat?

What is happening in ye olde blogosphere?

  1. Hot Air features naughty earmark pro Barry complaining saying stupid neophyte things
  2. Sister Toldjah, who is probably naughty, has a great picture from a McCain/Palin rally
  3. The Other McCain has the newest naughty Zogby poll. Guess who’s leading?
  4. Is Adam Gadahn (who isn’t naughty, but an asshole) finally dead? Check the always naughty Jawa Report for the 411
  5. Little Miss Attila, with naughty header graphic, discusses the newest McCain ad
  6. Over at Wizbang, Kevin gets naughty and discusses kiddie politics
  7. This Ain’t Hell naughtily asks if any libs want to defend the latest dumbassery from Barry
  8. Still Stacy (she’s always naughty) provides the reason she is pro-choice
  9. Over at Six Meat Buffet, Cranky gets naughty with his Palin bumper stickers
  10. Naughty Debbie at Right Truth compares experience

I’ll drop another 5 later. Ran out of time, gotta go do another stores inventory. Woopee

Last 5:

  1. Jim at bRight and Early tells us the season 7 of 24 he’d like to see
  2. No offense, but Maha gets it totally wrong on why the Conservative base loves Palin
  3. Over at Jammie Wearing Fool, Obama says “sure, I can beat a girl”
  4. Hot Air discusses the return of the Democrat wimp factor
  5. And last, but definately not least, guess who is going to be a grandmama? Congrats Blue Star Beth and family!

As always, the full set of pinups can be seen in the Patriotic Pinup category, or over at my Gallery page.

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