Something Else Muslims Do Not Like: Barry Obama

Sunday afternoon humor: Why Arab/Muslim Americans should not vote for Obama (page doesn’t work in Firefox, IE only)

Arab and Muslim voters thought, in Obama that they were witnessing a candidate with a shot of wining, that he was not part of the pro-Israeli establishment that fills the halls of power in Washington who usually go out of their way, sometimes slavishly, to support Israel at expense of Arab and Palestinian rights.

But Arab and Muslims voters did not have wait for too long for their disappointment to arrive when they felt that Obama had increasingly started treating them like a plague avoiding them at all costs so as not to upset the racists and bigots in this country.

In Detroit, last June, Obama’s staff made sure to remove two Muslim American women from the seats behind Obama so as not to “ offend” American voters, as if Muslims voters are not “fully” Americans.

This insult to Muslims is too deep to let it go so easily, it also speaks volumes about the hatred and racism in the American society where Arab and Muslim Americans are usually at the receiving end of its repeated blows, and with no end in sight.

Gee, just because a good chunk of the Religion of Peace has declared war on America, and the so called moderates are barely visible, no, no reason to be worried about Muslims here in America.

Looks like Barry’s voter blocks are slimming down, eh? He can’t really count on the Hillary voters, he can’t count on the youth vote, he can’t count on Obama Girl showing up, he can’t count on the senior citizen vote, and, now, he can’t count on the Jihadi block vote.

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