What The Palin Pick Means

All sorts of analysis has been made of the pick of Sarah Palin. The Politico gets close with their 6 things the Palin pick says about McCain. But, really, everything is secondary to one simple concept: McCain understood that the base would be ignited, would be thrilled, would be pumped up, excited, engrossed, and fired up about a pick of a good Conservative like Palin.

In my 4 years of blogging, and all my years following the Presidential elections, I have never seen the base so excited. Sure, they were pumped to go vote in 2004, but, how much of that was because they liked Bush and wanted to see Waffles Kerry defeated? Most of us barely approved of Bush’s policies, beyond a few basic ones. But, we liked Bush.

McCain? Well, he seems a nice chap, willing to fight back. He’s for low taxes COUPLED with reduced spending. He’s strong on defense. He’s sorta OK on energy. He detests pork. He does what he thinks is right, not necessarily what it is politically expedient. He thinks we should have border security, but, that is somewhat offset by his stance on illegal immigration. Sometimes he gets a little too cozy with Democrats, but, he typically has the best interest of the country, not the Party, in mind. He has a lifetime Conservative rating of 82.3. He is pro-life.

Is he the best Conservative out there? No. His record puts him on the low end of Conservatives. He fits the bill well for me, as my main concerns are national security, low taxes, reduced spending, limited government, ethical government, States Rights, and, over the past 7 years, illegal immigration. So, he fits the bill.

Palin, though, oh, Palin (how does one make heart icons?)……she fits all the measures that todays conservatives are looking for, plus, she is young, dynamic, attractive, and, real. She is a real person, not a staged politician. A person who fits Real Life. The only thing we do not know about her is her stance on illegal immigration, which wasn’t much of a deal in Alaska, except for the moose wandering over from Canada. Staunchly pro-life. A mother who cares about her kids. For low taxes. Doesn’t let people push her around. She’s not part of a “group,” but, her own person. Massively pro-2nd Amendment.

She is a real reformer, and not afraid to take people on, even in her own party. Good for her. 5 kids, a real working husband who she calls the “First Dude.” And she brings mega-excitement. If you are a conservative, and you weren’t excited like Ralphie on Christmas morning, we need to check your blood pressure and make sure someone hasn’t been slipping you Prozac. And, how can you not get excited by this?

Heart. Pitter patter. And with this.

Hell, even one of Obama’s hometown papers, the Chicago Tribune, loves Palin

But more important, she’s the governor of the state that captures the imagination and embodies the authentic American folk narrative. Alaska is our last frontier. Remember Horace Greeley‘s “Go west, young man, go west!” Not to worry that this phrase is often wrongly attributed to Horatio Alger. Americans remember that the west is where freedom and opportunity still exist. The west is where optimism resides. Even if they don’t think about it, Americans still feel it.

She is small town America, not cocktail party big city snooty. I bet if you ask her what Arugula is, she will ask what its spoor looks like and what caliber is necessary.

Even the UK Times is in love with Palin.

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