Good Thing We Have Freedom Of Religion, Eh?

Technically, this does not violate the law of the 1st Amendment

Doctors may not discriminate against gays and lesbians in medical treatment, even if the procedures being sought conflict with physicians’ religious beliefs, the California Supreme Court decided unanimously Monday.

The state high court said the doctors’ constitutional rights to freedom of religion did not trump the state antidiscrimination law because the state has a compelling interest in ensuring full and equal access to medical care.

But the doctors “remain free to voice their objections, religious or otherwise, to the [law’s] prohibition against sexual orientation discrimination,” Kennard wrote.

Perhaps it is about time for a new Amendment, “Courts shall not pass case law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

Why can’t the people just go to a different doctor? Why are the rights of one person put over anothers?

Sure, the doctors can speak out, but, next thing you know, they will be slapped with a lawsuit.

Say, where is the ACLU in protecting the religious freedom rights of doctors in California? While the ruling may not violate the law of the 1st, it sure violates the spirit.

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One Response to “Good Thing We Have Freedom Of Religion, Eh?”

  1. Indigo Red says:

    For the same reason gay couples can’t go to another photographer for their wedding photos – it’s not fair! boohoohoo

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