Frank Rich Calls White Americans Who Won’t Follow Barry “Doltish”

Here’s a hint to the New York Times: you are already hemorrhaging paying subscribers. Your stock is in the tank. You are having to let people go. Having one of your premier folks on the op-ed page insult a good section of the public which reads the Times should go in the “not a brilliant idea” category. NY Times: The Candidate We Still Don’t Know

Starting off the article with a complete misread, Rich writes

The poor guy (Obama) should be winning in a landslide against the despised party of Bush-Cheney, and he’s not. He should be passing the 50 percent mark in polls, and he’s not. He’s been done in by that ad with Britney and Paris and by a new international crisis that allows McCain to again flex his Manchurian Candidate military cred. Let the neocons identify a new battleground for igniting World War III, whether Baghdad or Tehran or Moscow, and McCain gets with the program as if Angela Lansbury has just dealt him the Queen of Hearts.

Ah, the old neocon word. Please define it, Frank. You can’t? Goodness.

You have to love that it is McCain’s fault that the media and left wing supporters have turned Barry in to a rock star/Messiah. McCain=bad for mentioning it.

Reading that last part makes me wonder if Frank might be driving fast to Conspiracy Land. I notice Frank doesn’t mention that his candidate completely whiffed on the Russia/Georgia crisis. What say you, Frank?

But, here we go

Obama has also been defeated by racism (again). He can’t connect and “close the deal” with ordinary Americans too doltish to comprehend a multicultural biographythat includes what Cokie Roberts of ABC News has damned as the “foreign, exotic place” of Hawaii. As The Economist sums up the received wisdom, “lunch-pail Ohio Democrats” find Obama’s ideas of change “airy-fairy” and are all asking, “Who on earth is this guy?”

We in the Right-O-Sphere know exactly who Obama is, Frank, and, if you and your mostly liberal friends in the media had any sense of journalistic integrity, you would have investigated and vetted Barry, rather then stick with your rock star/messianic love affair.

And then the funny part starts. Rich has just gotten done with insulting a huge voter block and saying that people do not know Barry, when he goes on an Obama free tear, failing to tell us who Barry is, and, instead, saying people really do not know McCain, and goes on to give us the DNC/Howard Dean/MoveOn approved talking points. If Frank and the New York Times would spend a quarter of the time they spend trying to “educate” us on John McCain telling us about Barry, the general public would not be going “who on earth is this guy?”

Oh, wait, that would be a bad thing for Democrats.

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