Kaffiyeh Wearing A.N.S.W.E.R Moonbats On Dunkin Donuts

I haven’t blogged anything about the Rachael Ray Dunkin Donuts kaffiyah kerffufle (while lots of people have covered it, go to Merri Musings, since she is a huge fan), mostly because I think it is no big deal. I don’t think it was one, just a pretty scarf that I have seen around in the tri-state area for a long time. Hell, Mom has one, and she is not in solidarity with the Palestinian Intifada. ‘Specially since since she is a relapsed Jew. But, on the flip side, someone may have slipped the scarf in on purpose. Kinda strange to be wearing a scarf with shortsleaves when the trees are blooming.

Anyhow, via Little Green Footballs, some of the nuttiest of the moonbats are barking mad and just aren’t going to take it, damnitall!

Rachaek RayUS activists have called for a boycott of doughnuts-and-coffee chain Dunkin Donuts after it pulled an online ad that a conservative commentator said promoted jihad.

“Dunkin Donuts has capitulated and withdrawn an advertisement for its products following the allegation… that the spokeswoman in the ad was wearing a kaffiyeh, a scarf which is a staple of clothing traditionally worn by Palestinian men,” the ANSWER Coalition said in a statement.

ANSWER, which groups hundreds of anti-war and anti-racism organizations around the United States, called for a “worldwide boycott of Dunkin Donuts… to send a powerful message to corporations that engage in racism or pander to anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racists.”

Charles writes: Of course, normally International ANSWER is the very first moonbat group to stand up and proclaim their “solidarity with the resistance!” But in this case, it’s “just a traditional scarf,” and anyone who objects to it is a “racist.”

No, that can’t be right, can it?



And, let’s check ANSWER’s webpage itself


Nope, just a traditional scarf.

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6 Responses to “Kaffiyeh Wearing A.N.S.W.E.R Moonbats On Dunkin Donuts”

  1. Silke says:

    Teach said: But, on the flip side, someone may have slipped the scarf in on purpose.

    I’m disappointed you’ve actually fallen for this paranoid nonsense and I’m embarrassed that this is all started with conservatives.

  2. I’m not falling for it, Silke. I’m just saying, giving an opposing viewpoint. It does seem strange, doesn’t it? But, as I said, and wrote at Hooah Wife, I don’t believe she was wearing one.

  3. Silke says:

    No, it doesn’t seem strange. It’s a scarf…that’s all. That anybody could be offended by an article of clothing in a Dunkin’ Donuts add is ridiculous in itself but to give voice to some kind of conspiracy behind it seems even more insane. If Michelle Malkin had any credibility before this contrived controversy, she’s certainly lost it all now.

    You rightly condemn the left for manufacturing controversies. I would have liked to see you criticize the right when they do the same. Instead this just became another opportunity to blame the left (complete with pictures of people wearing kaffiyeh).

  4. Merri says:

    Thanks for the link, Teach! I do think MM overreacted in a way that is quite embarrassing so I’ll be happy when this story fades from the radar. I’m with you – I don’t think she is wearing one, either.

  5. I can see how some might get the impression that it was, but, they were going overboard, and needed to chill out, definitely, Merri. There is outrage, and then outrage in the face of facts. An ad agency for a company like DD is not going to be that stupid as to try and make that kind of political statement. The more I look at it, the more it looks to me that the statement is “sheesh, it’s hot out, but, the coffee cooler is so cold that I need a scarf!”

    Silke, I understand what you are getting at, but, that was not the point of my post.

  6. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    My Death Star II Crew boycotts Dunkin Donuts, Target, CNN, MSNBC/MSLSD, ABC, CBS, NBC, San Fransicko, Most of the 19 Blue States of Socialism, Cafeteria Catholic Churches that are pro-abortion & pro-gay marriage, S&M , canned beer, M-TV, VH-1, BET, E-Channel, and islamofascist sympathizers … and the UN!

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