Dole Opponent Kay Hagan Prefers Federal Solution For Illegals

This would qualify as “talking out of both sides of one’s mouth”

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Kay Hagan said Tuesday she supports the idea of county-federal partnerships that put illegal immigrants who commit crimes on the path to deportation.

But unlike other candidates for top statewide office, including chief rival Elizabeth Dole, Hagan told a group of North Carolina sheriffs that she has some major concerns about how officials are proceeding with the program.

“The citizens of North Carolina pay federal taxes,” Hagan told a half-dozen sheriffs during a round-table in Raleigh. “Immigration is certainly a federal issues, and the federal government cannot be throwing another unfunded federal mandate down on us at the state level.”

Let me ask Kay a question: counterfeiting, kidnapping, destroying mailboxes, and assassinating the President are all federal offenses. Since they are so, if a police officer see’s a person engaged in one of them, should they ignore it, because it is and “unfunded mandate?” State, County, and Local officers of the law have an obligation to uphold the law. Can a Raleigh police officer ignore something that is usually the domain of a North Carolina state law officer?

Let me ask this of her, too: if a private citizen witnesses a crime, and fails to report it, are they not liable under the law? Yes. So, is it OK if an officer of the law ignores a crime? In her world, yes

But Hagan said that she would not encourage sheriffs to participate in the 287 (g) program if it costs counties money. And the state senator from Greensboro also said she thinks the county-by-county participation creates a patchwork solution, so she warmed to the idea of a more regional plan she said could be more effective and efficient.

I wonder about the cost of things like

Those are just a few incidents here in North Carolina. Maybe Kay would care to look at victims nationwide. But, hey, the money is more important then people’s lives, which are ruined when illegals steal their identities, harmed physically by actions such as motor vehicle accidents, and have their lives taken away. I guess the money is more important then the families of the victims, too.

Check out Right Pundits, which has an interesting post up about illegal aliens stealing SS#’s, and what your rights are.

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4 Responses to “Dole Opponent Kay Hagan Prefers Federal Solution For Illegals”

  1. London Politics Open Post Tuesday/Wednesday…

    I had written a whole post about the disconnect between London’s Mayors Livingstone and Mayor Boris Johnson. The bottom line? Newly elected CONSERVATIVE Mayor Johnson told chavez to take a hike, after defeating LIBERAL Livingstone…

  2. Rosemary says:

    The further you can push away the responsibility, the harder anyone can see it as being local. I thought ALL politics was local?!? It isn’t just NC, it’s the whole darn country. The federal gov’t would collapse the day each state got together and said, ‘We’re not going to take this anymore. No one from our states is ever going to pay taxes again.’ What does she think of THAT? UGH!

  3. Rosemary says:

    Great post. 😉

  4. She’s a lib pretending to be somewhat conservative. Seems to be the big thing among Democrats these days, in order to win at the state level and for congress lately.

    The whole “it’s a federal problem” argument is so silly, but, so like a dem to do.

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