Billions Wasted By UN On Climate Change Programs? The Hell You Say!

You won’t believe where I found this story. The Democratic Underground. And a few of them agree with the conservative opinion that the UN is a worthless piece of garbage

Billions of pounds are being wasted in paying industries in developing countries to reduce climate change emissions, according to two analyses of the UN’s carbon offsetting programme.

Leading academics and watchdog groups allege that the UN’s main offset fund is being routinely abused by chemical, wind, gas and hydro companies who are claiming emission reduction credits for projects that should not qualify. The result is that no genuine pollution cuts are being made, undermining assurances by the UK government and others that carbon markets are dramatically reducing greenhouse gases, the researchers say.

The criticism centres on the UN’s clean development mechanism (CDM), an international system established by the Kyoto process that allows rich countries to meet emissions targets by funding clean energy projects in developing nations.

What will probably come out is that there are people who work for the United Nations who are making money off of the “climate change” scam. And it is a scam. Consider that it is called “climate change” now. They do not want to call it global warming when the facts do not fit the premise. How else are they going to make money off of it?

Oh, and meanwhile, in other United Nations news

Children as young as six are being sexually abused by peacekeepers and aid workers, says a leading UK charity.

This is not an isolated or unique issue with the UN, either.

More: linking back to Sister Toldjah with this story

Every adult should be forced to use a ‘carbon ration card’ when they pay for petrol, airline tickets or household energy, MPs say.

The influential Environmental Audit Committee says a personal carbon trading scheme is the best and fairest way of cutting Britain’s CO2 emissions without penalising the poor.

ST writes “Got Socialism?”

If CO2 output has continued to increase over the past 10 years, yet the average global temps have stayed flat, what happens if a minor greenhouse gas like CO2 is massively decreased, then the Earth starts entering a cooler period? It’s not nice to f*ck with Mother Nature.

Moonbattery has more.

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2 Responses to “Billions Wasted By UN On Climate Change Programs? The Hell You Say!”

  1. Silke says:

    The abuse and waste of money is not an indicator of whether something is worthy of support or not. We waste billions of dollars on public education in this country every year. That doesn’t mean education isn’t important. We have wasted billions of dollars on no-bid contracts in Iraq. That doesn’t mean our support isn’t important their either. It just means we need to do a better job of identifying corruption and getting more for the money we do spend.

  2. John Ryan says:

    Teach the USA does not pay its UN debts. We are the largest deadbeat in the UN
    Maybe if we paid our bills we could have a bit more say on how things were run.
    Perhaps the USA should unitarily offer aid and troops in Hati ? I am sure that we could do a much better job than the UN

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