Insane Editorials: Kerry Goes #7, cBS Goes Moonbat

Everyone seems to have hit on Monsieur Kerry’s Washington Post editorial, which would probably more at home on the Huffington Post or the Daily Kos, and it looks as if he is pulling a #7 on The 8 Stages Of Liberal/Progressive Discussion When They Are Busted: 7. Declare victory! Those dastardly Conservatives have been proven wrong again, and why do you keep asking so many questions?

Which is what he does, as well as, as we have seen time and time again (though Waffles is about a week late in this contraversy, much like he was late with his Iraq plan, and still hasn’t released his From 180’s in full), ignore the central position, that the President of the USA should not engage in one on one talks with no preconditions with the president of Iran, or any other dictatorship

Lost in the rhetoric was the question America deserves to have answered: Why should we engage with Iran?

In short, not talking to Iran has failed. Miserably.

Bush engages in self-deception arguing that not engaging Iran has worked. In fact, Iran has grown stronger: continuing to master the nuclear fuel cycle; arming militias in Iraq and Lebanon; bolstering extremist anti-Israeli proxies. It has embraced Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and spends lavishly to rebuild Afghanistan, gaining influence across the region.

Instead of backing Bush’s toxic rhetoric, McCain should have called George H.W. Bush‘s secretary of state, James Baker. After years of stonewalling, the administration grudgingly tested the Baker-Hamilton report’s recommendation and opened talks with Iran — albeit low-level dialogue restricted to the subject of Iraq. Is James Baker an appeaser, too?

Pardon me, John, since you missed it while you were insulting our troop as morons, we have been engaged in talks with Iran for years, along with the UN and the EU. We just do not send our president over there to talk to him.

So, A for spin effort, John, F for Fucktard. Seriously, why do the Dems keep trotting out these loser Demtards?

Over at cBS, they pull this one out of their asses

What’s it got to do with the price of gas? Would some reporter with access to the Republican presidential candidate please ask John McCain why he wants to continue President Bush’s Mideast policy when it has proved so ruinous for American taxpayers? Because McCain is determined to ignore our economic meltdown and shift the debate to foreign policy, shouldn’t he have to explain why an open-ended military presence in the Mideast will make us economically and militarily more secure when the opposite is clearly the case?

Let’s not waste too much time on the military side of the equation. The argument that troops on the ground have made us militarily more secure is absurd on its face. American resources and lives have been squandered in an inane effort that McCain aptly criticized before becoming a presidential candidate. As a Senate watchdog, he distinguished himself by sharply denouncing one defense contractor boondoggle after another in cases involving hundreds of billions for modern weapons that had nothing to do with fighting cave-based terrorists. But as a presidential candidate, McCain now unabashedly apologizes for every twist of the downwind spiral of the Bush Administration foreign policy, from wasteful weapons to inhuman torture.

Whew! Can we pack a few more talking points in to just the first two paragraphs? I wonder whose ass they pulled this out of? That would be The Nations, one of those bastions of moonbat thought. Wonderful. But don’t say CBS in biased!

PS: Notice how the military is completely dismissed in that second paragraph? But don’t say the left doesn’t support the troops!

PPS: Just when I thought I would never have to use the “Kerry” category ever again.

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3 Responses to “Insane Editorials: Kerry Goes #7, cBS Goes Moonbat”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    This Gomer Pyle look alike wrote his own Vietnam War awards and decoration citations… then threw his medals on the lawn of the White House? God bless the Swift Boat PATRIOTS of 2004 Blackbeard!
    – Lord Temujin Genghis Khan 2008?

  2. drstrangeloveb52isok says:

    Darth, brain tumors are common in New England represenatives of the socialists! They don’t have prostate ‘issues’ because they don’t have any balls…

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