Global Warming Taxes That Solve Nothing, But Feel Good!

I wonder how good it is going to feel when businesses up and leave

Air pollution regulators in the San Francisco Bay area aren’t waiting for state or federal authorities to do something about global warming.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s board of directors is set to vote on new rules Wednesday that would impose fees on factories, power plants, oil refineries and other businesses that emit carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases.

If the board approves the plan, the agency, which regulates air pollution in the nine-county Bay Area, would be the first in the country to charge companies fees based on their greenhouse gas emissions, experts say. The new rules would take effect July 1.

The modest fee — 4.4 cents per ton of carbon dioxide — probably won’t be enough to force companies to reduce their emissions, but backers say it sets an important precedent in combating climate change and could serve as a model for regional air districts nationwide.

“It doesn’t solve global warming, but it gets us thinking in the right terms,” said Daniel Kammen, a renewable energy expert at the University of California, Berkeley. “It’s not enough of a cost to change behavior, but it tells us where things are headed. You have to think not just in financial terms, but in carbon terms.”

The Liberal way of solving problems: let’s feel good! Kinda like their ideas on solving the gas prices.

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5 Responses to “Global Warming Taxes That Solve Nothing, But Feel Good!”

  1. Speculator says:

    Oil is just going crazy. I write about oil and Boone Pickens today at

  2. joated says:

    I imagine these jerks in SF are not aware of the fact that these businesses will simply pass the tax along to their customers. Or maybe they are going to pass a law to prevent that too. Hell, why doesn’t SF just take over the companies and run them themselves?

    A bunch of clueless idiots. Both the politicians and those that elected them.

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    In these mid-atlantic BLUE states my heater had to be turned on a FEW times at night, and it’s almost Memorial Day? In San Fransicko, if the nutcases removed their leather S&M outfits they wouldn’t be so… hot, eh?

  4. It’s Liberal World, joated. They live in this fantasy land where people will gladly pay any tax put on them, even if it means losing money.

    I keep my thermostat set on 73, Darth, AC has been on for awhile here in NC. Woke up and the inside temp was down to 70 since it got so chilly last night.

  5. John Ryan says:

    darth just can’t seem to stop thinking about those muscylar gay men in their leather outfits
    STOP IT Darth it’s a sin !!
    Teach would much rather send an extra 2 or 3 dollars over to the Arabs than pay an extra tax even if it were pennies.

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