Voluntary Human Extinction

Seriously, you just cannot make this up (h/t The Gun Toting Liberal)

“May we live long and die out” is the unofficial motto of a new movement that seeks to improve the Earth’s ecosystem by ensuring that the human species does not survive.

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, or VHEMT, consists of volunteers who have made active life decisions to remain childless for the benefit of the Earth, thereby preventing the extinction of millions of species of plants and animals.

While no one person takes credit for being the founder, Les U. Knight created its name and is the spokesperson for the movement.

“We’ve already exceeded Earth’s carrying capacity for humans by quite a bit,” Knight told WND. “We are using up our resources. The best way to stop it is by not breeding. It’s really the best way because the people we don’t create don’t exist, and so there’s no impact on them.”

Knight said the greenest habit humans can have is to prevent creation of another member of the species, reducing humanity’s ecological footprint on the Earth.

“The ultimate goal is one I will never see,” Knight said. “I will never see the day that there are no humans on the planet.”


I say, “HURRAH!!!” for VHEMT and I wish them the best of luck. In fact, in MANY ways, I can’t agree more with them.

After all, the LESS these people reproduce and the more fellow, vulnerable, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing MORONS they can convince the join them in their journey to extinguish themselves, the better our world will be, not to mention how much higher our collective “IQ” as a society will be raised. Of course, these people are correct — the less of them there are to roam the Earth, the better off the trees and snail darters are.

Darwin… a beautiful thing, eh?

Heh heh heh.

More: John Hawkins is on the case as well.

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