It’s Not Just About Barry’s Pastor

It has been brought up a few times, mostly as a sidebar, that if Jeremiah Wright held such extremist and reprehensible views (which, BTW, he is entitled to. This is America, and if someone wants to say something and be an a**hole, they have the Right to do that. At least until the Democrats violate the Constitution and pass a law. Besides, it is about Obama listening to the views for 20 years, not about Wright saying them), doesn’t Trinity Church├é┬ástand for most of those same views? Otherwise, why would he have been allowed to preach there for all those years? If the congregation wasn’t liking what Wright said, they would have either left of forced Wright out. Didn’t happen.

Now we see a few more disturbing things about the church itself

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) recently said his relationship with his long-time pastor and friend Rev. Jeremiah Wright “changed” after what Obama called the clergyman’s “divisive and destructive” remarks at the National Press Club. Later, however, Obama stressed his loyalty to the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, where he has been a member for many years.

Articles published in the Trinity United Church of Christ bulletin in 2007 carried controversial comments written by people other than Jeremiah Wright. Those comments included the claim that Israel worked with South Africa to build an “ethnic bomb” that would kill blacks and Arabs, that the Pentagon was training Latin Americans to be terrorists, and that the TV networks are run by right-wing racists.

A church is an extension of the pastor and community, and the community and pastor are extensions of the church. You do not have one that is completely different then the other. They are, in fact, linked, and tend to be like minded. Would you go to a church that wasn’t similar to your thoughts, feelings, and needs?

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