Britain Just Wimped Out, Releasing Osama’s Right Hand Man On Bail

Liberals around the world are certainly cheering. They have managed to turn the War on Islamic Terrorism back into a purely legal matter in Britain

An extremist Muslim cleric regarded as Osama bin Laden’s “spiritual ambassador in Europe” must be released on bail, a judge ruled yesterday.

Abu Qatada, 48, who won his legal fight against deportation to Jordan last month, will be freed from prison under strict bail conditions, amounting to 22-hour house arrest, despite being deemed a threat to national security.

The cleric applied to the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) for bail on the ground that it was inhumane to detain him indefinitely if there was no prospect of his being deported.

The order by Mr Justice Mitting to release him is the latest in a series of judicial decisions that undermine the Government’s stance on terrorism. In the past year, the courts have in effect rewritten sections of terrorism legislation and ruled that financial sanctions on terrorist suspects were absurd and unlawful. (snip)

He will not, however, leave the high-security wing at Long Lartin jail until a detailed agreement has been reached about where he will live, what access to the internet and telephone he will have and who can visit him.

Granted, the British will certainly keep an eye on Qatada for a long time, to see who he associates with, see who he calls, listen to what he preaches, but, sooner or later, the resources for this will dry up and/or he or someone acting on his behalf will sue and say Qatada’s “rights” are being violated. Of course, he might be fully released due to Sharia law being fully implemented in Britain, as well as the rest of Europe.

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  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    “Blimey… our Eurabian / Europeon Union? The ‘ham’ will be removed from Buckingham Palace… 007 James Bond is dead and replaced by 666 Jihad Bomb ….Page 3 SUN babes in burkas…. Russian tennis babes at Wimbledon in burkas…. Allah save the queen?”

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