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Amazingly, the Left has continued to whine about voter fraud over and over again since Gore lost -and he did lose, despite his illegal maneuvers, because of The Law. Just Move On – yet have blocked and demagogued every meaningful attempt to fix the issues. I wonder why?

Well, the Raleigh N&O lost their minds the other day

Up in Washington, the Supreme Court made a mountain out of a molehill — verified instances of people voting with fraudulent intent — and then leveled the molehill with a bulldozer. By a 6-3 margin the court upheld an Indiana law that requires voters to present an official photo ID card at the polls.

Yes, the ruling may help deter fraud — although Indiana hasn’t experienced any (no wonder — it’s a felony to impersonate a registered voter). More likely, Indiana’s law will deter legitimate voters. How? By placing a new burden on poor or elderly people, some of whom have been voting for years but lack the now-required ID.

These folks may be hard-pressed to comply — getting such an ID generally requires a birth certificate. As one critic says, the ruling creates “new ways to keep voters from voting.”

Indiana’s intensely partisan voter ID law had been adopted on a party-line vote, Republicans for, Democrats against……

Yes, it was partisan. Republicans want to attempt to stop voter fraud, Democrats don’t. They talk a good game, but, they need the dead and pet votes, and, if measures were put in place to limit actual fraud, they would not be able to whine, complain, and throw multi-year long hissy fits, blaming Republicans of fraud when Democrats lose. Notice we heard very little after the GOP lost in the 2006 midterms? I wonder why……?

I enjoy this response in a letter to the N&O

I’m curious whether Chemerinsky would also support removing the photo ID requirement for people purchasing firearms, since this could deny the poor one of their constitutional rights. What about people purchasing alcohol, tobacco, certain prescription drugs, etc.? Perhaps he believes we should use the honor system at banks and airports as well. And let’s not forget the fact that most employers currently require photo ID as part of the application process.

Well? N&O? Democrats? Why require ID to purchase something that is actually in the Constitution. Voting in federal elections isn’t

We’re talking here about an American’s right to vote, a right too often abridged for political or racial reasons. Yet the court cast its vote for a law with a strong whiff of voter suppression.

Everyone pull out your copy of the US Constitution. For those on the Left, the Bill of Rights is part of the Constitution, so you may look at that, too.

Now, find where you are given the Right to vote in federal elections. Have you found it yet? No? Holy Cow! It tells us who the feds cannot deny the vote, ie, Blacks, women, those over the age of 17, etc. But, it does not give you the right to vote in federal elections. You are given that priveledge by your State’s constitution. While you are at it, search for the word “Democracy.”

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6 Responses to “News and Observer On Voter ID”

  1. Kurt P says:

    So,,,,the ‘elderly’ have always been ‘elderly’- and never once have had need of a drivers license?
    The poor have never had to prove who they were while applying for gov’t assistance? I guess they all just have an honest face.

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Got bless the HOOSIERS and only 49 MORE ununited states to go! ONE LEGAL VOTE PER LEGAL AMERICAN 2008!! Too bad Defeatocrat DNC, eh?

  3. drstrangeloveb52isok says:

    You mean GOD bless….

  4. John Ryan says:

    sometimes Darth slips back into the vernacular German
    The uber right has always tried to perpetuate the myth of vast voter fraud, in the supreme court case mentioned I believe that the number of 19 voters was questioned.
    The ultra right desires to make it as difficult as possible for the majority to vote, they always have they were sucessfull in dienfranchising blacks and fought desprartly against the Voting Rights act of 1965
    Conservatives have always tried to restrict voting either through laws or through intimidation

  5. John, you really should stop relying on Wikipedia. Sometimes the information is helpful in pointing out other sources, but, it was the Democrats, excluding LBJ and a few others, who were dead set against the Civil Rights Act. If memory serves, a former Klansman filibustered to stop it. He still serves in the Senate as a Democrat. Guess who?

    The dems are the ones who have been obsessed with voter fraud since they lost in 2000. Yet block every attempt.

    And, John, the people have no right to vote in federal elections.

    And, you are both exactly right, Kurt and Darth

  6. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Thank’s Teach and if our COLLEGE kids used Wikipedia in their research … they’d receive an ‘F’ from their professors!
    An ‘F’ Ryanov…? By the way Ryanov, Florida Defeatocrats and Team Sorelosermen elected not to count our U.S. Military Absentee ballots in 2000! Hmmmm?
    Proud to be an AGRWN: American German Right Wing Neocon…

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