John Coleman Pens A Letter To Climahysterics

Weather Channel founder, and outspoken anti-climahysteric, John Coleman writes to the climahysteric crew

Thank you for your dedication to protecting our environment. Clean air and clean water are essential to preserving life on planet Earth. Protecting all species and natural lands and forests are admirable priorities. Recycling and a green lifestyle are wonderful. Making the environment the most important thing in your life is a good thing, not a problem. I support you.

But we do have a problem. You have vigorously embraced the Global Warming predictions of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and are using the warning of uncontrollable warming and a resulting environmental calamity to campaign for elimination of fossil fuels. Your environmentally conscious friends in politics and in the media have united with you to create a barrage of news reports, documentaries, TV feature reports, movies, books, concerts and protest events to build support for your goals. The war against fossil fuels has become a massive scare campaign that is giving children nightmares.

Here’s what’s wrong with that: the science is not valid. There is no Global Warming underway and the science on which the computer projections of weather chaos are based is wrong.  Dead wrong.

So far, so good. Read the whole thing.

One part I really want to highlight is something I have been saying and writing for a long, long time

Here is what I am suggesting you do. Campaign for your environmental goals on the basis of their own merit. Let go of the global warming frenzy before it leaves you discredited and embarrassed. Stop screaming, “The sky is falling.” It is not.

So stop integrating every environmental issue out there into your Man (or Woman) made global warming hysteria.

Things like this.

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3 Responses to “John Coleman Pens A Letter To Climahysterics”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Oh THAT proves there is no global warming ????
    One weather head says so and that disproves it ?
    The American government’s NOAA seems to think differently.
    At what point will the evolution deniers, the 9/11 deniers, the holocaust deniers and the global climate change deniers, all join hands and march together under the MSM LIES banner ?

  2. John Ryan says:

    Yes John Coleman was the “founder” of but the board of directors fired him after ONE year as CEO it was such a nut case!

  3. manbearpig says:

    Oh THAT proves there is no global warming ????
    One weather head says so and that disproves it ?

    Funny! The guy who likes to quote Wikipedia as the God’s Honest Truth (am I allowed to say “God”? maybe I should just say “fact”) is now saying because one person says something it doesn’t make it so. Pot, meet kettle… Kettle, pot.

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