Palestinian Terrorists Collide Head On With Concrete Barrier

Of course, that is not the New York Times headline, which is actually “Israel’s Tactics Thwart Attacks, With Trade-Off

NETANYA, Israel — Suicide bombings in Israel have dropped off so significantly that the nation’s security officials now dare to speak openly of success. But the very steps they are taking to thwart bombers appear to collide head-on with the government’s agenda of achieving peace with the Palestinians.

Yes, those steps make the terrorists collide head on with a massice concrete wall. But, only in Liberal World can a wall that stops Muslim terrorists from blowing themselves up amid civilian men, women, and children, be put in a poor light.

It is a classic military-political dilemma. The progress in stopping suicide bombers, the vast majority of whom cross into Israel from the West Bank, has brought enough quiet for Israel to resume peace talks with the Palestinian leadership there.

But the current calm is fragile, and to maintain it Israeli security officials say they must continue their nightly arrests and sometimes deadly raids in the heart of the West Bank — tactics at odds with a peace effort that envisions a separate Palestinian state, an eventual Israeli withdrawal from much of the West Bank and, in the meantime, a gradual transfer of authority to the Palestinian police.

The Israeli’s wouldn’t have to do any of this if so many of the Palestinians weren’t violent and have “destroy Israel!” as part of their manifesto.

If you build a fence to keep the rabbits rats out of your garden, who is at fault for the rabbits rats eating your veggies: you, or the rabbits rats? Yes, I know that is a simplistic allegory, but, that is what the story is about.

The military’s faith in its efforts comes across in its charts showing a steep decline in suicide bombings — from a high of 59 in 2002 to only one in 2007, and one so far this year.

The Israeli’s have a right to defend themselves from fanatics who like to blow themselves up in pizza parlors and crowded streets, buses and military checkpoints. They offer truces and treaties, then fail to abide by them, not that they ever had the slightest intention of sticking to their promises in the first place. They demand land that Israel won in wars that Arabs started with them, and when it is given back in order to get peace, the Palestinians and other Muslim groups demand more, and use violence to attempt to get it.

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3 Responses to “Palestinian Terrorists Collide Head On With Concrete Barrier”

  1. Silke says:

    I think Israel absolutely has a right to protect itself with a fence but the issue is where they have built that fence. They have built it on Palestinian land (land promised by the Israeli government in the Camp David Accords, the Oslo Agreement and the current Road Map to Peace) and they destroyed Palestinian homes and farms in the process. They have built the wall around Israeli settlements in a way that separates Palestinians from each other and virtually imprisons them. I am in no way excusing terrorist acts by the Palestinians. I’m just saying that if Israel wants a wall, they should build it on their own land.

  2. To All Enemies of the USA…

    Foreign and domestic. [Pic] ‘Nuf said….

  3. Angel says:

    excellent..!..Happy birthday Israel! 🙂

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