8 Stages Alert: This Time Blaming Hillary, Though

On the 8 Stages list, a #4 is “Blame Conservatives for bringing the truth to light. How dare they do dat!!!!” Who thought that the “conservative” in question would be Hillary?

Since January, the Clintons have pummeled Barack Obama with racially tinged comments and questions about his character.

Hillary Clinton has questioned why he didn’t walk out on the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.; why he “denounced” but didn’t “reject” Louis Farrakhan; and whether he is too chummy with the former radical Bill Ayers. She chastised his characterization of white working-class voters as being highfalutin and chided him for not agreeing to a street-fight-style debate.

Bill Clinton has called Obama’s stance on the war a fairy tale, dismissed an early primary win as mere Jesse Jackson redux and recently claimed that Obama was playing the race card against him. Some of this is valid, the result of Obama’s own missteps, but some of it is baffling.

The rhetoric appears to be trafficking in old fears and historic stereotypes. The unspoken (and confusing) characterization of Obama is that he’s militant yet cowardly; uppity yet too cool for school.

The NY Times writes all that to tell us that Democrats have not soured on the Messiah, at least from Whites. His Black support is degrading, but, apparently all those white Democrats are letting their guilt show, and are moving to Obama. Whites increased by a whopping 5%! That’s it, call the General election for Barack NMN Obama, get him his sceptre and crown.

Oh, Black support declined 36%.

Understand, I’m not rooting for Hillary – except in terms of keeping the primary chaos going – I want Obama to be the candidate, much easier, and amusing, for McCain to defeat. I just find it interesting that the Times is attacking Hillary, and Bill, like they do Conservatives.

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