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Add Media Issue Fix For WP 2.5

So, you’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.5, and, damnitall! you can’t embed photos while using Internet Explorer. WTF? What did you do wrong? Are you going to have to reinstall the whole damned thing? The answer would be “no.” You can hunt and peck around, particularly in the WordPress.org forums, and you will get a bunch […]

U.N. Says U.S. To Blame For Food Shortages

Shocker! BRASILIA (Reuters) – Global investment funds and the weak dollar are largely to blame for high world food prices, a senior official of the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization said on Thursday. (snip) “The crisis is a speculative attack and it will last,” said Jose Graziano, the UN food and farm organization’s regional […]

Ben Stein’s Expelled-Mega Trailor

It’s long, but worth it.

Aside: Hardcore Marylin Monroe

Apparently, there is a hard core sex movie of Marylin Monroe out there.

Beer Monday Linkfest: Israel Tells Carter To Piss Off

Monday. The start of a new work week. Time to get busy, send to some kudosfaxblasts, revolutionize outside the box. How ’bout a beer?   It’s probably not beer that Carter had been drinking when he decided to talk with Hamas. More then likely, he has just sniffed too many boiled peanuts. Which would also […]

Mexico Doesn’t Like Getting Illegal Immigrants, Either

Well, well, well, an interesting find in a story about the slowing of illegals into the USA from Central America For thousands of illegal immigrants from Central America, the long journey to the U.S. starts here, on the groaning back of a freight train they call The Beast. But these days many don’t get too far. […]

Governors Gathering To Suck Your $$$ For Climate Change

Hold on to your wallets! Governors from across the United States are meeting at Yale University this week to discuss ways of dealing with global climate change. The gathering — on April 17 and 18 — will celebrate the centennial of President Theodore Roosevelt’s 1908 Conference of Governors, which launched the modern conservation movement, planted […]

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