Governors Gathering To Suck Your $$$ For Climate Change

Hold on to your wallets!

Governors from across the United States are meeting at Yale University this week to discuss ways of dealing with global climate change.

The gathering — on April 17 and 18 — will celebrate the centennial of President Theodore Roosevelt’s 1908 Conference of Governors, which launched the modern conservation movement, planted the seed for the National Parks System, and inspired significant state efforts to protect land, Yale said in a press release announcing the conference.

Participants — including Govs. Jodi Rell (R-Conn.), Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-Calif.), Jon Corzine (D-N.J.) and Kathleen Sebelius (D-Kan.) — will “confront the present climate challenge, and set out a vision of a federal-state partnership for future action,” Yale announced.

And, joy of joys, it is a closed, private meeting, so no one outside will be able to hear how they plan to suck your wallets drive and drive business to other states, if not to outside the United States.

Remember when Ahhhnold pushed and passed the Global Warming Solutions Act in 1996 for California? You know, the bill called the “job killer” by the Ca. Manufacturers and Technology Association, Ca. Farm Bureau Association, and the California Chamber of Commerce. Business are what allow us to have jobs, make money, not live in tents, have indoor plumbing, and such. Business is what allows companies to have enough money to do research into curing disease. You know, the kind of disease we had hundreds of years ago when most people lived in squalid conditions with rats as neighbors. The disease that we did away with due to our modern lifestyles, which the climahysterics apparently want to do aways with.

There is nothing that can mitigate the 1 more molecule of CO2 that Man adds to the atmosphere every 5 years except to go back to a pre-industrial society world wide. And restrictive, costly legislation de-incents companies to spend lots of money looking into “alternative sources.” It is not ethanol. All the corn grown in America would only replace 12% of our oil need, and it uses more energy to make it then it puts out. Government should incent private business to come up with better solutions. If there is a profit in it, you can bet they’ll do it.

Whenever government and the climahysterics propose these types of governmental intrustion, you should ask them two questions: “how much will it cost?” and “how much will it help?” If the answers are “a lot” and “very, very, very friggin’ little”, then it is another in a long line of feel good ideas.

Oh, and a third: “what are you doing personally to stop your CO2 output?” Because, in most cases, these draconian pocket picker ideas are for everyone else, not themselves.

BTW, conservation has nothing to do with climate change. The climate is always changing. CO2 is a natural gas. You make it yourself when you breath out. And, I bet you wish you didn’t have that spicy food for lunch, eh? It is great when people take care of the actual environment. It is silly when climahysterics link CO2 output with national parks.

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