Daily Archives: April 12, 2008

Oh, Lord, Now They Are Going After Meat

And, yes, global warming does come into play (NY Times) The world has seen the first international conference on manufacturing meat. This is the process, tested so far only at laboratory scale, of growing pork, chicken, or beef through cell culture in vats instead of raising and slaughtering animals. My colleague Mark Bittman wrote a […]

Global Warming Song

I posted this somewhere once before, can’t find the really super duper good version of it. But, this will suffice for the stupidity of the climahysteric movement and what it is doing to kids. Well, I guess it would really be liberalism in a nut shell. Pirate’s Cove takes no responsibility for damage to nostil […]

Dubya Approved Meetings On Tummy Rubs, Sleep Deprivation, And Removal Of Teddy Bears

Oh, the humanity! To think that the President would actually approve of meetings that discussed just how to deal with Islamic terrorists who were part of a group that had recently destroyed the World Trade Center, damaged the Pentagon, and killed 2,996 of our friends and neighbors. (Washington Post) President Bush said Friday that he […]

More On The Snob-ama Issue

Well, it is no longer a kerfuffle. It could be exactly what Hillary was waiting for, THE Big Mistake. As Captain Ed writes, this is why rookies shouldn’t run for president. Oliver Willis was kind enough to post the entire video of Snob-ama and what he said. Mr. Willis goes on to ask “It’s intriguing […]

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