Oh, Lord, Now They Are Going After Meat

And, yes, global warming does come into play (NY Times)

The world has seen the first international conference on manufacturing meat. This is the process, tested so far only at laboratory scale, of growing pork, chicken, or beef through cell culture in vats instead of raising and slaughtering animals.

My colleague Mark Bittman wrote a fine piece recently about the greenhouse-gas consequences of conventional meat production. Others have explored the environmental and ethical impacts of factory and feedlot farming. Manufactured meat, in theory, provides an end run around these issues. What if you can have your meat, be ethical, and environmental, too? (And presumably they’ll engineer the bad fats out as well….)

Sigh. Apparently, if we don’t stop eating real meat, the planet is going to die.

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2 Responses to “Oh, Lord, Now They Are Going After Meat”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    As long as the hygienically challenged hippie Hollyweirdo elites and skanks keep thinking about the 31 RED STATES of AMERICA and former 15 GRAY STATES of the CSA as DUMB F*CKS, we’re in great shape matey! 2000 & 2004:

    BUSH – 271
    Sorelosermen – 266
    30 Red States

    Bush 31 RED STATES vs. Kerry’s 19!!!

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