8 Stages Alert! Pulling Out A McCain Quote To Compare To Obama’s “Bitter”

Yeah, yeah, I usually start Sunday off with a Patriotic Pinup post, but this one is too juicy to hold off on. After 36 holes of golf Saturday, and all the beer afterwards, if I do not write it, my head may explode.

On the “8 Stages of Liberal/Progressive Discussion When They Know They Are Busted,” a #2 is “Find some sort of moral equivalence or a story from 30 years ago saying a Conservative did something sort of similar.”

Well, starting out at the HuffPo, moving to Oliver Willis, and then to Talk Left, with more lefties certainly chiming in shortly, we seem them attempting to say that John McCain said the same thing as Snob-ama

It’s the influx of illegals into places where they’ve never seen a Hispanic influence before,” McCain told me. “You probably see more emotion in Iowa than you do in Arizona on this issue. I was in a town in Iowa, and twenty years ago there were no Hispanics in the town. Then a meatpacking facility was opened up. Now twenty per cent of their population is Hispanic. There were senior citizens there who were–’concerned’ is not the word. They see this as an assault on their culture, what they view as an impact on what have been their traditions in Iowa, in the small towns in Iowa. So you get questions like ‘Why do I have to punch 1 for English?’ ‘Why can’t they speak English?’ It’s become larger than just the fact that we need to enforce our borders.”

I know it has been repeated ad nausea, but, let’s see that Obama quote again

You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them… And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

So, Maverick is discussing Americans being concerned about an influx of people who do not speak English and make no attempt to be a part of our culture, and the Lefties are looking at one phrase in order to draw some sort of moral equivalence, while ignoring (shocka!) every other smear that Obama made towards small town middle Americans. As Tom Maguire wrote “Hmm, McCain forgot to trash the origin or depth of anyone’s religious convictions or suggest that immigration turned them into gun nuts, so I don’t quite see the equivalence.”

Impressively, Kyle E. Moore at Comments From Left Field does not join the current #2 meme, and says that McCain is correct in what he said and that there is no equivalence to what Obama said, though, Moore actually likes what Obama said (shocka!) and thinks it was dead on. And there is the problem. So many on the Left think Obama was right, following along with the “small town hicks are gun nuts, religious zealots, immigrant haters, and just total rubes.”

‘Memba this? (via an earlier post by Beth C. at McCain Blogs)

Obama is the perfect candidate for the far, far, far left Progressives. An elitist snob, with all the connotations that that implies. Combine that with Obama being a federal level political neophyte who has really done zip in his few years, other then vote present, and we have the makings of another “Republicans stole the election!” come November.

Meanwhile the Goracle and Jimmy “meet with Hamas” Carter are apparently being poised to tell Hillary that it is over. Bring on the snob with the separatist and racially devise pastor of 20 years!

PS: anyone think this meme is going to end up in the NY Times Monday?

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5 Responses to “8 Stages Alert! Pulling Out A McCain Quote To Compare To Obama’s “Bitter””

  1. 8 Stages Alert! Pulling Out A McCain Quote To Compare To Obama’s “Bitter”…

    Yeah, yeah, I usually start Sunday off with a Patriotic Pinup post, but this one is too juicy to hold off on. After 36 holes of golf Saturday, and all the beer afterwards, if I do not write it, my……

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  3. Rose says:

    Hello, Mr. Teach, I didn’t expect a direct response from you on my comment at Right Wing News – that was nice of you. I thought I’d cross-post my response to your reply, here. HAve a nice day!


    I never wrote about it being strictly illegals, Rose.

    Meanwhile, Obama has pretty much insulted Middle America. What do you think of that?

    Posted by William_Teach
    April 14, 2008 7:07 AM |



    Sorry, Mr. Teach, didn’t mean to give you the wrong impression about ME. LOL!

    I cannot tolerate Obama, or Hillary, or any of the Dims, except Zell Miller.

    I’ve had a “pet peeve” about Socialism since I was a little girl, cutting my teeth by 10-12 on stories about Anne Frank, Treblinka, Corrie ten Boom, one of my school teachers who went through Auschwitz, one of my best friends who was one of the first to arrive with other US Infantry at Dachau, after walking 6 miles INTO the wind…

    I don’t like Socialists, even when they call themselves anything else. I’ve prolly posted that Joseph Stalin Agenda that was published in the Congressional Record on January 10, 1963 more times on threads than any poster in the last 8 -10 years.
    I don’t care if they call themselves Democrats, Liberals, Lefties, Marxists, Socialists, Nazis, Fascists, Humanists, or whatever – if they comport themselves as Americans, taking actions in their lives lining up according to that Agenda of Stalin’s, or to the Communist or Humanist Manifestos, I really don’t care what else they are about – I don’t like them.

    I don’t consider them ignorant or uneducated or accidental, or naive.

    And that goes even more so for RINOS like McCain.

    I love the Founding Fathers, but when I read afresh the bio regarding Nathan Hale, I realized what I was looking at. I’d like to think I’m more of a Samuel Adams, or a Patrick Henry, or Paul Revere, or James Otis, or Benjamin Rush – but I’ve got a close affinity to Nathan Hale.

    And NONE for the likes of Benedict Arnold.

    And I have enough Indian Blood in me to love the way they handled those in their tribes who BETRAYED the TRIBE.
    And the way they’d turn cowardly enemies over to the womenfolks to take care of.

    I’m the kind that would fight this war by taking out mosques with pork weiners every single time the terrorists hit any Western building, withiut blinking or disturbing my faith in Jesus – especially when they hit CHURCHES the way they hit the Church in Bethlehem a few years ago.

    I would have charged McDermott and crew with TREASON for attempting to be HUMAN SHIELDS for Saddam in ’03.

    And I will not vote for McCain, of the ANTI-TORTURE AMENDMENT/CLOSE GITMO, McCain Feingold THOMPSON, and McCain Kennedy SHAMNESTY bills, and the rest of his stinking portfolio of accomplishments in D.C.

    I would do all I can to talk others into NOT VOTING FOR HIM, but so far, in my neck of the woods – South West Texas, and an hour and a half from the Mexico border, I don’t have to bother.
    I haven’t met up with a McCain supporter around here YET.

    I don’t like him any better than I do Jimmy Carter. Who some may want to remember filled missile silos with CEMENT and gave away the PANAMA CANAL – items on that STALINIST AGENDA.

    I don’t LIKE Obama – or Hillary, or Fred Thompson for getting the Clintons off twice in ’96 and ’98 from their FELONIES – but OBAMA hasn’t ACCOMPLISHED what all McCain has, either – FOR THE DIM CAUSES. And I am not sure he is any more capable of it than John Edwards is, frankly.

    But I sure as the dickens still won’t consider VOTING for him anyway.

    I will go and vote for a WRITE-IN OF CHARACTER AND UPRIGHTNESS.
    I won’t turn a HAIR if a DIM wins the election because of McCain being the GOP candidate.

    We’ve warned the GOP before. I think the THIRD TIME is enough – Ford, Dole, and McCain.

    I think we can stick a fork in it.

    I am content.

    Posted by Rose
    April 15, 2008 4:47 AM |

  4. Rose says:

    Comes to me that didn’t say much about your question.

    I have a book to answer that with, but I’ll pick a chapter… 🙂 hehehehe

    I was talking with a girl last week who thought I was jumping to conclusions about Obama’s nature revealed by his association with Rev. Wright.

    That was NOT the case then, but it is fascinating that Obama immediately set out to prove my “suppositions” about him correct.

    Argh! I set it down all perfectly, then, and it isn’t coming back to mind the same way, smoothly.

    But the man has shown a rotten flaw in his “Christianity” by his association with Rev. Wright – and it is reflected in these comments about smalltown middle America.

    Just taking one point so I can move on quickly to other thoughts – the “fear of others not like themselves” crack – put together with “clinging to guns”, and Rev. Wright’s comments about HATEFUL AMERICA being DAMNED for the THREE STRIKES LAW…

    CLEARLY they have a problem with Americans prepared to defend themselves against FELONEOUS ATTACKERS, THIEVES AND MURDERERS. I see NO other way to interpret that.

    You cannot defend CRIMINAL INTRUDERS and make they SYNONAMOUS with the poor downtrodden who are DESERVING of Christian charity.
    JESUS NEVER DOES, and not a single solitary soul will enter Heaven on EXCUSES for their sins. They enter on REPENTANCE, bowing the knee and getting washed in the Blood – accepting REDEMPTION, without excuse, asking for forgiveness.

    I’m the kind of person that can write a book on THAT, but hope that is plain enough for everyone to understand.

    To me, Dims who push that PC garbage on these terms are just fighting THEIR fight on that Stalinist Agenda to GET AMERICA TO DISARM – so they can the EASIER take us DOWN.

    Ok, leaving that, and on to OBAMA.

    God gave us many lines of safety to keep us from falling into Hell – to get us onto the RIGHT TRACK.

    First is Family, with PARENTS to teach us and discipline us – but if we rebell, then (SHOULD ORDINARILY) comes School, and teachers and a new set of disciplines. The next round is JOBS, and learning to do what a BOSS says. But after that come the Law, and may include for Juveniles, some choices about military service or jeuvenile halls.
    Other things in society but basically, then, the last line of OUR DEFENSE from Hell is JAIL/Prison.
    If we don’t learn to get the message from God at some step along the way, God keeps trying with a new “safety net”, new opportunities for us to learn to put down our rebellion and to bow our knee to Him, and become humble and ready to do His will in OBEDIENCE TO HIS CALLING inour life.

    For some, like Obama, it is Political or other leadership life.

    One thing, God has these ways of dealing with folks he is about to promote, or allow to be promoted – TESTINGS.

    If He is ready to promote someone, He first sends a TEST. IF they fail, then it is “one more time around the mountain” for them, as Bible studies like to say.

    If they pass their test, then they get the promotion.

    It is also common in the Public Arena, for those refusing to measure up to the call of the demand for CHARACTER in one who desires to assume a higher mantle of Authority – that if they refuse to deal with God in private, they get a PUBLIC TEST …
    One saying has it that “Absolute Authority” destroys the one holding that power.
    But we know that it takes a great bearing to hold up under the mantle of some Authorities – and the American President is about the greatest earthly Authority known to Man.

    Hillary had her testing with Bill, before the national/international stage, in the 90’s.
    In my personal opinion, they flunked in flaming colors.

    Obama faced such a test of moral strength with the Rev. Wright scandal a few weeks ago – and flunked it. Some thought not, so he re-inforced the message with this insult to Middle America and their Faith in God which he deems “BITTERNESS”.
    His flunking is now established by the testimony of several of his own different words.

    I believe this means that Spiritually, Obama cannot be “The Man” for this hour in God’s eyes – but Obama was not dealing with God in Private, so God let him have his public testing.
    God will give a man some time, even years, to deal with God in private, if the man is willing. But if the man keeps refusing to deal with God in private – well, we saw this with Jimmy Swaggart, and the Jim Bakkers, and others.

    When one man has two such public SPIRITUAL scathings in as many weeks – we know that God was in fact dealing with Obama and his wife in private – and it was THEIR CALL, whether they would show God the Right Stuff to qualify for PROMOTION (of some sort). They didn’t do it.

    It is my personal opinion that Mitt Romney passed that test, even though I have a lot of problems with Mormonism.

    I think that Mitt passed the CHARACTER TEST in flying colors in January and February of this year.

    It is my personal and humble opinion that McCain has no character to test.

    But if you want a demand on me of it, I’d refer to the columns posted mostly in January about him when he AGAIN SLANDERED President Bush accusing him of attacking McCain in South Carolina in 2000, and that was his JUSTIFICATION for his “TRUTH SQUAD”.
    And he repeated that same identical charge AGAINST BUSH in January of THIS YEAR again in South Carolina.
    Bush was cleared of that false charge.

  5. Whew! That is a mouthful, Rose, and, I appreciate you posting that over here, because, quite frankly, I typically do not see any of the comments at RWN after Sunday, since I do not get emails when comments are left, like I do here at PC.

    I agree that there are many points about McCain to be concerned with, but, the more I read about him, and the more I find out about him, the more I like him. I would not be a co-blogger at McCain Blogs otherwise. There are some things I disagree with him about, but, I’ll be honest, he has many policies that I like much better then Bush’s, when it comes to my core values and beliefs.

    All in all, he is still the better choice then Obama or Hillary. Hopefully, he will pick someone as a VP who can take up an even more Conservative position 8 years down the road, and we can finally put the ultra left to bed.

    One thing that will be good with a McCain presidency is that he will fight back against the Dems, which Bush does not do. Sure, Maverick will reach across the aisle now and then, but, shouldn’t that happen now and then for the good of the country? He will also do much better at reducing spending.

    Thanks for stopping by, Rose!

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