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War Porn: Enemy Sniper Owned

  You call that a gun? We’ll show you a gun!

American Flag Business

Check it out, we have another great blogger to add to the American Flag League. Give it up for Mover Mike Welcome aboard, Matey!

More GOP Attack Ads Out There

LA Times As they promote their candidates and try to pave the way for GOP victories this year, Republicans have begun making their case to voters in advertisements featuring a new star: Barack Obama. In North Carolina, a TV ad shows Obama’s former pastor making racially charged comments. An Internet ad attacks a Pennsylvania congressman […]

Weekend Pirate Linkfest Sticky 4/25-4/27

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Guess That Politician? Houston Chronicle Plays Fair

Amazing! Local criminal defense attorney and former U.S. Congressman Craig Washington was indicted Thursday on a charge of aggravated assault in connection with a New Year’s Day shooting incident outside his law office. Washington, who was out of town when the indictment was unsealed, is accused of firing at Taylor Brooks, an 18-year-old senior at […]

Times Online Goes There Own Way On Iraq

Apparently, the Times Online has decided it is going to break from the pack and cover the good news from Iraq, starting with this story yesterday Llewellyn Werner admits he is facing obstacles most amusement park developers never have to deal with – insurgent attacks and looting. When you are building an amusement park in […]

Surrender Monkey Friday: Just Get Over It

This is making Surrendie nuts, and is sure to make the Nutroots even nuttier People who believe the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision giving the 2000 presidential election to George W. Bush was politically motivated should just get over it, says Justice Antonin Scalia. Scalia denies that the controversial decision was political and discusses other aspects […]

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