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Plugins That Do Not Work In WP 2.5

So far, I cannot find any plugin for smilies that works, or at least works like it should, for smilies. The one I am using, Custom Smilies, ends up completely at the bottom of the Write Post/Page. Have tried about 5 others, no dice. But, what you can do with Custom Smilies is to right […]

Global Warming Today: Still Killing Us, But Still Wrong

We’re all going to die!!!!! The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) recently disclosed that the presence of the current La Niña condition will not decrease the adverse effects of global warming. In a statement, the WMO said that global warming is still on an increasing trend despite the presence of a La Niña condition. “Global temperatures […]

Teenager Assaulted Over Illegal Immigration Project

Update: I’m putting this at the top, because, as pointed out in the comments, it was a fabricated incident. Click the link, and you will see that the Houston Chronicle has completely done away with the original story, and the girl is now herself facing criminal charges. Seriously, why am I not surprised by this? […]

Congressmen Price On The Patraeus Testimony

So, as I was taking a shower to get ready for work, David Price (R-NC) was on WPTF-680 here in Raleigh. On the subject of the Patraeus hearings yesterday, he said it was a “more sober affair then last time.” I have to wonder if he realizes that Ted Kennedy was in da house?

Obama Staffer Ticketed For “Monkey” Remark

I caught this story over at protein wisdom last night, but, quite frankly, after the dumpster dive at Crooks and Liars (previous post),  I felt too dirty to continue using the laptop. And, it is a doozy! Moving to nip in the bud some potential bad press, White House hopeful Barack Obama’s campaign persuaded a […]

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