Teenager Assaulted Over Illegal Immigration Project

Update: I’m putting this at the top, because, as pointed out in the comments, it was a fabricated incident. Click the link, and you will see that the Houston Chronicle has completely done away with the original story, and the girl is now herself facing criminal charges.

Seriously, why am I not surprised by this? (Houston Chronicle)

 A teenager who took a sign reading “If you love our nation, stop illegal immigration” to school said she was hurt after being swarmed by angry classmates, and administrators said Tuesday they have suspended three students involved in the scuffle.

Melanie Bowers, 13, brought the sign to Athens Middle School on Friday as part of a class project on political activism. Each child was assigned to pick an issue and prepare a poster supporting a position.

Hayes said she was showing the sign in the hallway when a group of students tried wresting it away.

J.R. Bowers, the girl’s father, said Melanie suffered scratch marks along her neck, face and arms. He said she also had a swollen jaw.

Bowers said as many as 20 students surrounded his daughter in the hallway, and Hayes said others may have hurled verbal insults. The poster was ultimately destroyed by other students.

“She was like a zebra on her arm,” Bowers said of the bruises. “She believes they were intentionally trying to hurt her.”

This is the state of the modern left and illegal immigration supporters. They have no reasoned and adult arguments, so, they resort to name calling, abuse, and violence.

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3 Responses to “Teenager Assaulted Over Illegal Immigration Project”

  1. UPDATE: Athens Student Caused Injuries to Herself…


    Now what yall Xenophobes got to say? You have resorted to making little kids to make up stories and tell blatant lies. Anti immigrant racists have stooped to new lows! All of you will go to hell.

  2. I will update the post after I eat dinner, but, as far as your idiotic xenophobes crap, and, it is crap, why do you support people who are breaking the law? Because that is what illegal aliens are doing. So, drag your head out of your ass, and understand that the issue is about illegal aliens, not legal ones. I have no problem with those who do it legally, and that is the majority Conservative opinion.

    Those who come illegally can get the fuck out of my country.

  3. John Ryan says:

    No this is not the state of the modern left and illegal immigration supporters.
    What this is is forcing children to do illegal things so as to try and show support for your position.

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