Plugins That Do Not Work In WP 2.5

So far, I cannot find any plugin for smilies that works, or at least works like it should, for smilies. The one I am using, Custom Smilies, ends up completely at the bottom of the Write Post/Page. Have tried about 5 others, no dice.

But, what you can do with Custom Smilies is to right click, copy, then paste in post. Not the optimal solution, but, it is what it is.

You can also just replace smilies, and remember what the code is. See this page about doing that.

Most automatic Meta Tag generator plugins are hosed, too. I was using autometa. Not anymore. Personally, I find it annoying to manually put in tags, and I want them embedded in the source code, rather then at the bottom of a post. Might try that cloud tags stuff, so it would be in the sidebar.

WordPress has a list of what seems to be working and what is not working. I’ve mentioned before that Bad Behavior is on the list, but, mine works fine. It is not the newest version, but 2.0.13

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6 Responses to “Plugins That Do Not Work In WP 2.5”

  1. Raven says:

    I have WP Grins and they work fine with WP 2.5

    The download is located at this site, just scroll down a bit.

    I do use Askimet.

    I don’t use Bad Behavior; I ditched it over a yr ago and installed Comment TimeOut- which eliminates 99% of spam by virtue of closing off comments at pre-determined by you dates.
    It’s not available anymore because the plug i n author didn’t think it was working; I beg to differ. I have it on my computer if you want it though.

  2. I’ll have to check that one, Raven. Preciate!

    I have a comment time out plugin, but, on half my posts, I get like 3-4 spams that make it through BB, and about 5 that don’t, particularly global warming ones. It is usually those blogs that are hijacking the feeds. I do not get why they do that, really makes no sense.

  3. Damn, not working for me. Did you do anything special?

  4. Raven says:

    Not that I know of, LOL…the smileys sit right above the comment box though at ARS.

    I sent you the php file for it.

  5. steveegg says:

    I don’t recall what Sister Toldjah uses, but her smilies are still working as advertised after her upgrade to 2.5.

    Because of some performance issues with Bad Behavior (yes, even with .11), I had to dump that. I’m using Auto Moderate Comments, which instead of shutting down comments on old posts sends them to the moderation queue (I honestly don’t know if it works in 2.5 because I haven’t moved my blog to that, but it does in 2.3.3).

  6. Preciate that, Raven. I’ll check that out today.

    I’ll have to check with ST on that. I would like to have the smileys work in the write module.

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