Add Media Issue Fix For WP 2.5

So, you’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.5, and, damnitall! you can’t embed photos while using Internet Explorer. WTF? What did you do wrong? Are you going to have to reinstall the whole damned thing?

The answer would be “no.” You can hunt and peck around, particularly in the forums, and you will get a bunch of answers, one of which leads to the true answer, namely, there is an issue with the “Add media” links in te Write module for IE 7.

Personally, I almost never upload and use any photos. I usually use Photobucket or my own Gallery page offsite. Usually, I would use a plugin that allows a pop up photo, so, you see a small one, click, and it gets big in said pop up. This doesn’t apply to most sidebar stuff, of course, just for posts. But, just in case, I wanted it to work for IE. I’m kinda a perfectionist that way, and I get a bit wacky when something doesn’t work right, and, if it can be fixed, I’ll get it (except for the expanding boxes for the Categories and Monthly Archives. The correct code works in IE and Opera, but not Firefox. Oh, well.)

You should have no probs if you use Firefox to write posts. Haven’t checked using Opera. But, I prefer using IE for my WordPress administration stuff.

So, how do you get it to work? First, you have to know how to edit your WP files. I am going to assume you know how. If you don’t, well, I could probably help you. Especially if I like you

Now, go to this page. For the first file, it is best if you open it to edit in a way so that you can search the word “debug,” since there are around 1000 lines of code or so. You’ll see it says “debug: false,”. Remove the comma, save. Upload if necessary.

Second, go to the second file, remove the comma after the 36. Save.

Third. If you have Bad Behavior active, turn it off if less then 2.0.14

manasquan beach

The top Calvin gif was done without BB 2.0.14 active, the above picture was uploaded and inserted with 2.0.14 active. That is where I grew up in NJ at the Shore, and is the surfing beach. I’ve been out there in waves that size and bigger. Fun!

So, that is how you do it. If thou needest helpeth, dropeth me and email(eth) or comment.

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3 Responses to “Add Media Issue Fix For WP 2.5”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Most graphic professionals use a mac

  2. […] (hint, it’s not a 3-letter answer, but it’s one that will blow the minds of the Left) – William Teach has the WordPress 2.5 Media Center fix for those willing to tinker under the hood. – Jim Geraghty notes […]

  3. I know. But, I’m not a graphic artist. Don’t really care for Mac, and the programs I already have and paid for are not Mac compliant.

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