RoP: Attacks Jewish Seminary

Just business as usual for the Religion of Peace

Several people were killed Thursday in what Israeli police are calling a “severe terrorist attack” at a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem.

An ambulance spokesman told CNN six people died in the attack. A police spokesman said one attacker was dead. In the minutes after the attack the official number of wounded varied from six to 35

Who did it? CNN never really says, but, one can guess, particularly in light of all the other attacks on Israel today, and

CNN’s Ben Wedeman in Gaza reported celebratory shooting shortly after the attack.

I don’t know why they bother with peace talks with this animals.

More from the Jerusalem Post

A Palestinian terrorist opened fire at a central Jerusalem yeshiva late Thursday night, killing eight students and wounding 11 others, police and rescue officials said.

The 8:45 p.m. shooting at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood broke a two-year lull in terror in the capital and sent students scurrying for cover from a hail of gunfire – a reported 500-600 bullets – that lasted for several minutes.

“There were horrendous screams of ‘Help us! Help us!'” recounted Avrahami Sheinberger of the ZAKA emergency rescue service, one of the first to respond to the scene. “There were bodies strewn all over the floor, at the entrance to the yeshiva, in various rooms and in the library.”

Religion of Peace my ass.

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19 Responses to “RoP: Attacks Jewish Seminary”

  1. paul says:

    What I like about the Israelis is that they efficiently clean up this human filth known as Palestinians. Go Israel!

  2. John says:

    what’s interesting is none of the major news sites are saying that it was children who were killed. Innocent children going to school who were unarmed and unable to defend themselves. it drives me crazy how the media manipulates stories so to evoke less anger

  3. eli says:

    amazing how on CNN they can only come up with three pictures to post
    and one show a poor innocent pali. (and one portraying the scary looking Israeli police.
    why aren’t they showing these pictures?

  4. Executive Gadfly says:

    So let’s get this straight. A person of a certain nationality attacks civilians of another nationality, and this is sufficient grounds for declaring the entire nationality as comprised of “animals” and unworthy of just or peace resolutions to serious conflicts (and by conflicts we mean systematic expropriation and domination backed by ethnocratic policies)? And the other comments on this blog are absolutely reprehensible….are you all kidding me? Are you not ashamed of the flagrantly racist commentary on here? Civilians of an entire nation should suffer because of extremists?

    Also, I’m the last person to defend any religion – personally, I’m an atheist. But make no mistake, cultural conservatism and a proclivity for violence is fostered by many religions…American Evangelicals, or the JDL are simple examples.

  5. Mike says:

    Executive Gadfly, you might be right that it would be wrong to take an isolated event and create generalizations to condemn an entire religion…IF…IF it was an isolated event. Unfortunately, there is a pattern of violence that has stemmed from a educational ideology that supports and promotes the destruction of innocence in the name of radical religious propaganda. This is not the act of a singular extremist, but the work of a maladaptive, ill-led societal aberration. One that has presented sufficient cause to view the entire belief with skepticism.

  6. sam says:

    I feel sorry for the people who die in the Western Jerusalem religious school today. But what about Amira Khaled Abo Aser who died 2 days ago in khan Younis (Northern Gaza strip) why isn’t CNN “The Most trusted news..blah blah blah” saying anything about her. She was 20 DAYS OLD!! And were is CNN from the 126 Gazans who were Killed. I learned from Aljazeera full coverage about the Western Jerusalem school Shooting and about the 126 gazans murdered.


  7. Mike says:

    there is a difference between people who are killed during a raid (to stop kasaam rockets from being fired into a residential community!!) and people who are specifically targeted for murder. i challenge you to find even one person who celebrated when Amira Khaled Abo Aser was killed, while hundreds if not thousands were celebrating like it was a new years party in response to the killing of the eight students. This 20 day old child certainly didnt deserve death, but she was certainly not targeted. can the palestinians make that same claim?

  8. Not a Friend says:

    125 dead Palestinians (LAST WEEK, NOT LAST YEAR OR OVER THE YEARS) – Half children and women, what was their crime? Terrorism? Don’t think so. <–21 day old baby

    what was her crime? Terrorism? Did she deserve a bullet to the head?

    She was not even able to speak, how could she hate?

    CNN,FOXNEWS, CBS, MSNBC <—I ask you.. Why focus all your news on the side of Israel? Are they free from fault? Only fighting terrorism?

    How can you compare home made Hamas rockets with U.S. Missiles? (13 Israelis died over the YEARS since Hamas started launching the rockets, as a result Israel has killed 1000+ Palestinians)

    Is one blind? How can one not see the disproportionate use of force by Israel’s Army?

    Judaism and Christianity the religion of peace ? I think not

  9. Not a Friend says:

    4 year old Palestinian girl has to grow up quickly because of Israeli’a aggression and blockade of Gaza.

    Find me one similar video of an Israeli girl at a similar age going through the same thing. (Few days ago)

    How about these two Palestinian civilians, what was their crime? Wrong place at the wrong time?

    Judaism and Christianity the religion of peace ? I think not

  10. Mike says:

    so let me ask you “not a friend”…what should israeli’s do in response to DAILY rocket launches going into Sderot? how should they respond when every couple of hours there is a siren warning of an incoming attack? there have been well over 1000 israeli deaths due to terrorism…by terrorism i mean someone walking into a bakery and blowing themselves up or someone walking into a crowded area and opening fire. these are not acts of war…theyre acts of lunacy…
    why dont you explain to me how this is the religion of peace? im not trying to say that there arent inocent Palestinian people killed, because there surely are. but israelis have tried giving back land, giving back prisoners, peace talks, and nothing seems to quench the thirst of radical blind hatred.

  11. Mike says:

    is there hope of reconciliation when political leaders have declared that this will continue until every israeli is dead? how do you work towards peace when the educational system plants seeds of hatred in the innocent youth of the population?

  12. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    … just give the IDF and MOSSAD some time. The LEFT are obsessed with HATE crimes in America only, eh? Bin Netanyahu will be elected Prime Minister soon and watch vindication begin!

  13. Not a Friend says:

    Hey Mike

    How about the 6000+ Palestinian dead – More than half civilians.

    Terrorism by the Israeli Army is no different then the ones committed

    by a resistance fighter. Israel uses American made weapons, while

    resistance fighters use their bodies and home made rockets. If you

    were under siege and blockaded for 24 hours, how desperate would

    you feel?Also, Americans have a tendency to have short-term

    memory, this conflict started way before rockets began to fall on

    Sderot. Last time I checked, Hamas was democratically elected.

    Democracy = Rich get richer and the poor are accused of terrorism.

    good article, please read it.

  14. Executive Gadfly says:

    Mike you display a rather impoverished understanding of the overall dynamics guiding the conflict. Well that, or you are just racist. Let me explain. When someone says, “well what is one to do with rockets firing everyday”, they are implicitly suggesting that excessive and often indiscriminate violence which kills innocent civilians (very often children) is justified in the name of self defense of the nation.

    But doesn’t this logic apply both ways? Couldn’t any Palestinian militant utilize this line of thought to justify their own actions? Certainly Gaza’s strangulation, Israel’s control over Palestinian movement into and out of Gaza, their air space, their borders, their territorial waters (which is why they are required by international law to provide electricity for them), and humanitarian aid flowing in to keep alive the population of which a majority is in abject poverty (a great deal of which is precisely because of this strangulation) is unbearable. Certainly systematic collective punishment, canotonization in the West Bank, indiscriminate house demolition, relentless illegal settlement, and domestic policies favoring people based on their ethnicity within the nation for citizenship and public funding, are all reasons for serious complaint. Certainly statistics which make clear that at the very least Palestinian civilians die in 4 times the numbers of Israelis, all while living on land that was expropriated from them, often violently, is a reason for anger. But you look at Palestinian targeting of civilians with disgust. As you should. Now I ask you apply the same standards to the Israelis, who have FAR LESS to complain about because they hold so much more power in this situation. We must also place MORE burden on the Israelis to limit civilian casualties as they possess, as Americans and Israelis love to boast, the best intelligence and one of the most powerful militaries in the world.

    Now prepare a response that shows that you don’t hold double standards, or you will expose your self to be a simple racist.

  15. Executive Gadfly says:

    Indiscriminate violence:

    Israeli defense minister promised Gazans a holocaust if rocket firing continued. He is brazenly advocating punishment of civilians as a form of punishment. This is terrorism.

  16. John Ryan says:

    What should the Israeli government do ? They should do what the people of Israel want.
    They should enter into direct talks with Hamas on a cease fire.
    That is what the people of Israel want.
    They want direct talks with Hamas .

  17. Mike says:

    Executive Gadfly,
    you are absolutely right. 100%, no questions asked. There have been sanctions made on residents on Gaza that restrict air space, maritime movement, inhibit movement in and out of the region, limiting work experience which subsequently “causes” poverty. The only reason there as such restrictions is because of violent, theologically charged activity. Are you familiar with how the maritime restrictions came about? A few years ago, Israel seized ships coming into Gaza ports carrying hundreds of thousands of midrange ballistic missiles. Not homemade rockets or handguns. missiles capable of serious damage to cities several hundred kilometers away. I can guarantee with all certainty that following periods of peace, Israel would allow for easier movement from within Gaza to the boundaries of Israel. These measures are for security measures, not anti-Palestinian sentiment.

    You are correct in asserting that theoretically Palestinian activists could claim self defense as the reason behind militant activity. However, there is a clear distinction between proactive military actions and reactive military action. If rockets stopped falling in Sderot and terrorist activity would stop throughout Israel, there would be no more Israeli military excursions in Gaza. The military actions taken by Israel are preventative for future attacks and retaliation for previous ones. Hamas has said on numerous occasions that terrorist activities against Israel will not cease until every Israeli is dead. These are not reactive statements but proactive ones. Ones that are meant to incite violence with no intention of pursuing peace. The statements are not, “We will fight until we get the right to work or the acquisition of political rights.”, but, “Death to the infidel, death to Israel.”

    Furthermore, the Palestinian people are being held hostage by terrorist activity. There are many citations that show terrorists forcing Gaza inhabitants to allow them to use civilian housing as bases for housing and executing terrorist material and activities. When Israel becomes aware of such a location and acts to destroy it, the media reports of Israel destroying civilian housing. Yes, there is innocence suffering in Gaza and there is no part of me that benefits from seeing this suffering, but Israel has tried virtually everything. Palestinian masses celebrating at the killing of eight young students? Certainly this is not the somber reactive military activity in response to a life of destitution.

    With casualties on both sides mounting, look at who is glorifying these actions and supporting followup acts of violence. Palestinian terrorism is breeded as pseudoreligionistic anti-semetism. Just as Hitler succeeded in brainwashing millions of Germans to hate Jews because they were “vermin”, Radical Islam has brainwashed millions of Muslims to hate Jews because it is their job as religious Muslims to do so. The nation of Islam is a nation of peace. I am not just saying this to squelch racism remarks. I am getting my masters in medieval history with an emphasis in Islamic history, and I have read a significant amount of Islamic literature. The foundation of this religion is certainly one of peace. A foundation that has been twisted to further age-old hatred for the sake of hatred. Fire on either side of this war will not solve anything, but as I stated earlier, we’re just out of ideas.

  18. Mike says:

    hundreds of thousands of pounds, not hunderds of thousands of missles, i mistyped

  19. drstrangeloveb52isok says:

    My B-52 will help Israel:
    *****Pakistan north by north west?

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