No, No, The Obamessiah Campaign Is Truly Colorblind

Or, is it? There is a new website out there, as heard on CNN, called ColorOfChange, changing the color of democracy.

We are asking 250,000 people — African-Americans and concerned allies of any race — to make a commitment.

Can you imagine if the words “white-Americans” replaced African-Americans? Every white person associated would be branded a racist.

As for the founders, James Rucker was a big shot with, and Van Jones founded the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, which recieves money from, you guessed it, George Soros.

ColorOfChange has some wonderful products available, such as t-shirts with the slogans “Kanye Was Right” and “Free The Jena Six.” Race baiting and overlooking 6 kids assaulting en mass 1 lone kid, putting him in the hospital.

To be honest, the whole website is very segragationist. Funny how we never hear about how the Black folks in Mississippi and Arkansas did after Katrina. Pretty much the same as the white people.

How does Obama fit in?

Though voters in most CBC districts overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama, some CBC members are threatening to vote against their constituents, and perhaps against the will of the American people, by casting their superdelegate vote for Senator Clinton. We can prevent this from happening by letting Black leadership know we’re watching.

How does it feel, Senator Obama, to have obvious racists and bigots backing you?

Or nutjobs?

If Sen. Obama is our candidate, I will crawl through broken glass and shit to vote for him. If, however, on my way to the polling place I should chance to encounter some of his more, shall we say, vociferous, DU supporters engulfed in flames, and I find myself with a full bladder, I will not stop to piss on them.

Reality Based.

Meanwhile, today’s conniption fit of the day from the Left is over a caller to Rush saying her 12 year old daughter compares Obama to Curious George. The young girl is surely soon to be taken for massive therapy sessions once she is forcibly removed from her parents guardianship by the leaders of The Village. Protein Wisdom highlights some other monkey comparisons.

See more at Memeorandum.

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